Emma and John's New Zealand Adventure

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Friday March 28

Off to Matamata. Large trees border the roadway in places

Entering Middle Earth, destination Hobbiton.

Say "Cheese"

Hobbit holes

The Party Tree.

When Gandalf first enters Hobbiton, this is location of the first Hobbit hole he passes.

Here you can see how the Hobbit holes were not built to latest and are falling apart.

Us big folk posing from within Bag End.

The Party Tree as seen from within Bag End.

Inside Bag End

Scenery shots

Above Bag End on the hill in the movie was a tree. The tree was bought and moved in pieces to the movie set and assembled, anchored on place and had leaves attached to it.

Oops my finger slipped

Emma had to have try at driving on the "wrong" side of the road.

The end of the road found us in Auckland. After some navigation snaffus we got a hotel and had supper in the Skytower.

Saturday March 29

Breakfast in a coffee shop, a short walk in downtown Auckland then off to drop off the rental car at the airport.

After many many hours of travel we were back home in Calgary. Hey Hutch are your glad to see us or what!