Emma and John's New Zealand Adventure

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Friday March 21

I woke early and went for a walk. Emma an I did our morning chore which was to go open a paddock gate so the cows could get into a different paddock. Then we were off with Margret to visit Ann, see her horses, and her renovated house. After lunch, we were back on the road to Kaipouroa

After a little hunting we found a nice motel on the beach.

Saturday March 22

In the morning we did some shopping and went for a walk on the beach. Then off with the other tourists Dolphin watching. It started of foggy but the sun broke through the fog after a while. We saw about 500 Dusty Dolphins, also saw several varieties of albatross, a seal and a barracuda feeding.

Emma could not remember the name of this plant so we took a picture of her with it so we could ask her mom about the plant when we get home.

The afternoon was a lazy time with Emma having a migrain. I read while Emma napped. When Emma felt better we went out to gas up car, have a supper of catch of the day(lemon fish) fish and chips.

Sunday March 23

Up at 7 and a few shots from our room and proof in pixles that I am capable of doing domestic chores.

On the road to Picton to turn in the rental car and board the Lynx ferry to Wellington.

Car ride was interesting in the fog while twisting along the ocean front. The main highway goes right through a river bed creating a ford and we also had to cross a long single lane bridge on the main highway which we took as signs that we were not in Canada any more.

Lynx ferry is interesting.

Much like a 850 passenger bus with food and gift shop and storage for cars and trucks underneath. There was a open air viewing deck on the stern of the ship. I took a few shots looking back at the South Island. You can actually see one island from the other.