Emma and John's New Zealand Adventure

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Wednesday March 19

After a bit of a sleep in it was off on a road trip with first a stop at an information center to grab a few maps, then it was off towards the mountains and Lake Tekpo.

In the Car and Motorcycle magazines they talk about these great hilly twisting roads that are great for sport cars/motor bikes, well the road to Tekpo I think may well be one of those roads. Our little rental Nissan Sunny did an admirable job as I sped down the road doing a balancing act between me having fun and Emma being able to handle the pace. She is a good sport and as long as she is confident in my driving and our safety she doesn't say much about my driving.

Well I had fun and soon we were at Tekpo. A wonderful blue green lake up in the mountains, hosts a lovely old stone church and a monument to the collie dogs used for herding in the region. We visited both as did bus loads of tourists. We also walked a bit checking out the lake shore and the local shops.

On the return trip we took a detour to Mckenzie Monument. The road quickly turned to gravel and there were no signs. We were on a back road through open grazing land and were unsure if we were on the right road. Pig headedness paid off and we reached Mckenzie Monument.

This shot is an inside joke that we could not passup. The subject of the joke is posing in the shot.

We spent the end of the afternoon walking along the beach in Caroline Bay. A local sports team was working out on the beach, the sailing club was out on the water, and the cranes on the near by warf were unloading ships.

We had Tea with the grandparents then went to visit the Piiaza under the night sky visiting the gardens and seeing a little bit of Timaru night life.

Thursday March 20

Time to migrate north so we said our very fond fair wells to the grand folks, with more than a few tears in Emma's eyes and a stirring in my heart.

Fuel stop, shoe shopping, grocery and a stop at a bank and we were headed out of Timaru north to Emma's mom's cousins place near Akaroa. We made very good time and after an aborted attempt to access a local lake near Lindsey and Margret's farm we headed over the pass to Akaroa. Now this was a WRC pavement road section for us wanna be WRC drivers. Shear drop offs, tight bends, lots of fun and requests from Emma to slow down.

Akaroa is a pretty harbour town with lots of shops and water tours to see caves, dolphins and more. Here we have a shot from the mountain road to Akaroa and one of the harbour in Akaroa.

Slowed by traffic we crossed back over the pass and arrived at Lindsey and Margret's. Had a great meal of home grown and cooked food, with great company. Around the farm we saw several different types of irrigation from small sprinklers to large machines.

Here we see one of the small bridges which are common. Notice the Give Way sign for bridge traffic. There are also lots of large manicured hedges used as wind breaks all over the South Island.