The Building of The Tree House

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June 4, 2011 -I had not seen the house in while and Emma's mom is in town so we headed out to the house to have a look.

The dryer vent has been installed. This is not a common item in New Zealand homes as people tend to line dry their cloths. In winter we find we need to use the dryer and without a vent you end up with a lot of moisture in the house.

The heatpump will be mounted on an interior wall so a drain is required for condensation. The moisture is drained by gravity so the drain line has to go down hill. You can see in the next few pictures that they put a significant slope on the drain. I took these pictures mostly so I have a record of where the drain is if we need to work on the walls the drain runs through.

The plumbing for the heat pump runs from the lounge, across to the exterior wall, down then out through the brick to the outside.

The electrical feed for the house comes underground and up into the house in the garage.

The electrical has been run to the panel and the phone lines to a central place in the attic.

The water tank plumbing fittings have been installed.

Electrical and plumbing for the laundry area are in.

Plumbing for toilet and shower.

The partial wall between the dinning area and lounge has been changed to include a pass through. The original framing did not include this feature but it was on the drawings..

June 29, 2011 -Been taking some pictures for the last little while just have not posted any. So here comes the first of several sets from over the past few weeks. Many of the following pictures can be clicked on to view a larger image.

Kitchen cabinets have been installed.

Garage door has been installed.

The pocket door for the walking closet has been installed.

Interior doors have been painted.

Roof point work has been completed and the vent stack boot installed.

The prep work of the cement for the walkway, patio and driveway have been done but not complete. Here is the walk way to the front door.

A part of the patio in front of the dining room on the left and the patio in front of the exercise room on the far right.

The pad for the heat pump condenser.

The entrance to the garage.

The corner of the garage to the entrance to the yard.

The pad for the heat pump condenser.

The side entrance to the garage.

Pad between garage and fence.

The edge of the drive way by the front gate.

The front gate

Front door.

Patio in front of dinning room.

Patio in front of exercise room.

Patio in front of dinning room.