The Building of The Tree House

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July 12, 2011 -

Mount Taranaki can be seen from the front yard.

Mount Taranaki can be seen from the back yard.

We now have a mailbox

The double sidegates have been made and installed. We goofed a bit in that they should swing outwards but swing inwards. This is how they were put on the plans, but we did not think about it. Will be one of my jobs after we move in to change the gate swing.

some of the landscaping has been done with stone and plants along the house and front fence.

July 25, 2011 -

The carpet has been installed

A bit of tile work remains so carpet by kitchen left un finished.

The lawn has been installed in the front yard.

We are thinking of putting up a parabola pergola in this corner as a landscaping feature.

July 31, 2011 - asked for more pictures so here are a pile more in no specific order. Click on any of the following pictures to see a larger image

Bathroom & toilet


Big cupboard

Car parking area

Corner pantry

Dining room & kitchen

Dining room

Door into exercise room

Door into walkin closet


Fence & gate. Yes this gate looks a little different now and the middle board is still missing. I rehung the gates to open outwards.

Front gate

Front view of house

Front window

Front yard from car parking area

Front yard

Garage man door & window

Garage wash bay and door

Garage window

Hall closet


Hob and oven


Kitchen sink and window

Left - door to master, right - door to walkin

Left - front door, right - garage door

Left - master, right - exercise room

Living Room

Looking into front door.jpg

Looking into master

Looking out kitchen window

Master sliding door


Office wardrobe


Our cabage tree

Out kitchen window

Outside exercise room

Outside master looking left

Patios & front yard

Piper bird watching

Retaining wall along back

Shelves in water cupboard

Shower in bathroom

Shower in ensuite

Spare room to left, hallway to right

Tower pantry with drawers

Trailer area. If you look closely you can see the gates now open outwards.

Walkin closet to left

Walkin closet to right

Walkin closet

Wall & cutout in dining room


Water cylinder

Why its called the Treehouse