The Building of The Palace

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May 1, 2002: A new month and construction continues to move along nicely. The pace looks good enough that we may just get possession of the Palace at the end of June (fingers and toes crossed). The shingles hopefully will all be on the roof by the end of tomorrow, insulation has been installed in the second floor ceiling and all exterior walls. They must be getting ready to deliver the dry wall as they have made an access panel in the west second floor wall to pass 4' X 8' sheets of dry wall through. This is necessary as it would be very difficult to carry 4' X 8' sheets up the stairs.

May 2, 2002: While I was in class, Emma took a solo run out to the Palace. The shingles are 99.9% done now. All the vapour barrior up and taped, and the drywall has been delivered. The basement has been prep'd for cement, as it has been graveled and tamped down.

May 5 2002: The drywall is going up on the 2nd floor. I also have some catchup pictures from when I did not have my camera with me. The steps into the garage, the finished slab in the garage and the pilar at the front entrance.

I finished off my wiring project for a door actuated switch on the pantry door. I can't hook up the wiring yet, so I ran my wire straight through the electrical box so when the dry wall is up I can re move the face plate and hook my wiring up to the existing wiring. I left lots of wire in the door framing so when the door jam is installed it should be easy to make the hole for the switch in the door jam, grab the wire out of the wall and hook everything up.

May 6, 2002: The drywall is being taped now. Emma noticed on the weekend that one outlet had been drywalled over. I mentioned this when I was in the house just before noon today. The taper marked the spot. This evening when Emma and I visited the house, the outlet was visible, and all the flat surfaces and outside corners had a first coat of putty and drywall tape on them. They also have the furnace running to help the drywall putty dry.

You would never know it is spring by this photo Emma took today.

May 7, 2002: Since the way things look right now we will have a two week stretch at the end of June where we are homeless, Emma asked the builder rep today if they think the house will be completed in time. Unofficially, yes the house will be done and maybe a few days early. We should get an official notice soon. So we'll have to get a hotel/motel for at the most two weeks.

Hand rails have been installed for the garage steps, and the drywall is all taped and ready for sanding. I also got a picture of the surge protector I had installed at the electrical panel to protect all the electrical equipment in the house from electrical spikes.

May 8, 2002: I can't see where the drywallers have done anything but haul some of their pails away. But the cement people were in and poured the slab for the basement floor. A carpenter also spent a little time on the hand rail for the deck at the front entrance.

May 9, 2002: Emma took some pictures today while I was at school. The hearth for the fireplace has been framed. The ceiling stippled, framing for the step into the ensuite tub framed, lumber delivered tot he basement for framing the exterior walls, and the siding delivered.

May 10, 2002: The basement walls have been framed, and the drywall sanded in preparation for painting.

May 11, 2002: The siding is starting to be installed.

May 13, 2002:Today I snapped a shot of the framing in the basement which was done on Monday, and new today is the trim under the roof peaks and on the column detail.

May 14, 2002: The inlay material between the trim pieces has been installed, underlayment for vinyl floors installed, and the siding continues to move along nicely..

May 15, 2002: Today I signed the paper work to make June 26, 2002 our possession date for the house. On the construction front the hardwood floor is almost half installed.

May 17, 2002: The maple railings are in, the basement exterior walls have been insulated, the hardwood floor is mostly down. No more work will be done to the hardwood till it is aclimateized to the house, then it will be sanded and finish applied. The exterior trip pieces have been painted. The closet and pantry doors (wrong door glass) have been delivered.

May 18, 2002: Emma got an emergency voice mail message that she had to go by the house ASAP. So she rushed over to find that they had lost the colour coding for the exterior paint. She had to think back a ways to remember what we had decided, talked to the painter and he got to work.

May 19, 2002: We talked to the sider today (very nice guy, who also does good work) and he has picked up on the fact that there is a missing detail above the garage door. He has or will be (I can't remember which) in contact with the people that did the work so they will come back and finish the job.

May 20, 2002: The forms are in for the front walk way and the driveway. The pictures do not show it but the driveway tapers in on the left side to almost half of its original width (one of the quirks of a pie shaped lot). We also measured the master bedroom window and ordered blinds to fit it.

May 21, 2003: Bad weather day. Only sign of any work having been done is a hose running from the house under where the walk way will be. This will be nice as we will not have to have a down spout for the evestrough going across the walk way.

May 22, 2002: When we visited just after 6 PM, the painters were just starting to do the primer coat on the interior walls. The plumber had also been by earlier in the day and ran the water lines to where the kitchen island will be, and to the toilet on the main floor.

May 23, 2002: The painters have finished the primer coat in the house and the cabinets have been delivered.

May 25, 2002 The camera batteries quit so no pictures. The installers have started to put the kitchen cabinets together, the plumber has done some work in the basement in preparation for the hot water tank being delivered and installed. The tradesman who does all the door and window trim was getting setup while we looked around.

May 26, 2002: My camera batteries quit on me yesterday, so I made sure to charge the batteries over night. The sider was there today and only has the chimney left to do. The cabinets are 80% installed (repairs are needed, one cabinet has a large chip in the finish) the hand rails for the basement stairs are in, and some of the door and window trim is done.

May 27, 2002: The Palace exterior is moving ever closer to completion. The driveway has been poured, siding is complete, a drain for the eves was put under the walkway. The drain under the walk way was a surprise as it was not on the spec sheet, and few homes seem to have one. One thing though, I will need to install a bypass for the drain to prevent freezing the drain in spring or fall. The bathroom cabinets have been installed and I took a better picture of the door trim as the last one was rather dark.

May 28, 2002: We met with the builder to go over the final price for the house. We presented a short list of items like the glass in the pantry door and bow in the garage wall for the builder to look at. On the construction front, the gutters have been installed on the eves.

May 31, 2002 Emma was on camera duty today. The mantel has been installed above the fireplace. The kitchen cabinets await the remaining doors which will have glue chip glass in them. The bench has been built in the mud room and the stub wall in the ensuite has had the paint grade cap installed on it.

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