The Building of The Palace

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March 8/2002: A late night drive by the lot shows that the basement has been dug.

March 9/2002: Drove by the lot in day light to get some pictures after we did the last of the selections for interior details such as cabinets and colours for our Palace. In the morning a crew had dropped by and done some work towards doing the footings so I have no pictures of the naked hole for the basement. The basement hole from the street here and here. A shot from the rear of the lot here.

March 13/2002: Emma got and accepted an offer on her condo today. So now the condo is conditionally sold. Now we have a good sense of how things should go over the next few months. Also dropped by the lot to find that the bulk of the cribbing has been done. Pictures here and here.

March 16, 2002: Swung by the lot to find the basement walls had been poured and the cribbing already removed. Now we can see and get a much better idea of what the grade of the yard landscaping will be. Pictures here, here, here, and here.

March 20, 2002: The conditions on the sale of Emma's condo were suppose to be all finished with today. But some of the Condo board info was not up to date enough so the conditions due date was pushed back to Monday next week. All looks good towards the sale though despite this little set back. On the new home front more progress has been made despite the cold temperatures. The electrical run to the house has been made, the base for the electrical meter is in, along with the electrical panel in the basement. The electrical panel can be seen just left of center in this photo. The run of cable and conduit for the underground runs from the street to the house can been seen here and the meter here. The exterior basement walls have been tarred to form a water barrier as seen here, here and here

March 22,2002: No new pictures today unless you want to look at a piece of polly covering the electrical panel as that was the only change it could see. Emma thinks there was more gravel along the foundation for the weeping tile, but I am not so sure. I believe once the natural gas line is installed to the house and the basement back filled things will start to move along in a picture worthy manner.

March 28, 2002: Good weather has returned and construction is moving along nicely. The gas line has been installed allowing the basement to be back filled and the first load of lumber to be delivered. We also have found that we can pickup the key for our slot in the superbox (community mailbox) and get mail delivered to the new address. This is great so when I move out of my house and into the condo, I can just forward my mail to the The Palace. Then when we move out of the condo Emma can forward her mail to The Palace as well. The condo and The Palace are near each other so picking mail up will not be a hassle.

I took quite a few pictures that I figure are also worth sharing. Just click on the thumbnail image to see a larger image.

March 29,2002: A few more pics today. Nothing major, the electricity meter is up, a shot of the electrical panel which has been in for about a week, and some stairs where delivered.

For those of you wandering what my current house is like, I snapped a shot of it yesterday morning. Hmm my finger seems to be slipping into my pictures lately. Oh and yes for those of you who look closely, the house number is 13.

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