The Building of The Palace

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June 1, 2002: The eves troughing has been installed as has a window well around the basement window on the north side of the house.

June 3, 2002: The painters did some work on the exterior, painting the area between the trim pieces on the front of the house. Can't wait till the area above the garage door is conmleted so we can see what the total finished package will look like. The vanity tops were delivered and installed in the two upstairs bathrooms. They goofed on the order for the vanity top for the ensuite. The sink was suppose to be flush with the top of the counter, not recessed like we got. Emma wants to use it as bargaining power to get the pantry door she wants.

June 4, 2002: The painters were back today. They painted all the trim that was installed already and layed the base boards out and painted them. Much easier to paint the base boards on saw horses than on the wall.

June 9, 2002: I am rather behind in posting news on the Palace. The interior walls now have two coats of paint, but need more paint in some areas. Most of the lite fixtures and tile for the kitchen back splashes, fireplace and bathrooms have been delivered.

June 10, 2002: The electricians were still busy installing light fixtures last night when Emma and I toured the construction site. The lights sure make a difference tot he look of the house. The tilers had also been by during the day and had done the tile in the kitchen and the upstairs bathrooms.

June 11, 2002: More tile work has been done and the tiler was doing the grout on the tile for the fireplace while we were there. Some of the phone,cable and cat5 wiring has been trimmed out and the alarm system has been partially done. The electrical final inspection has been done but we are not sure how this can be when not all the electrical has been done. The inspector also put a note on the ceiling fan in the upstairs hallway that says it is too low.

June 12, 2002: We could not enter the house as a crew had been by to finish the hardwood floor. They had put a sign up that the house was off limits till Friday at 8 AM. The floor look nice through the window.

June 18, 2002: Wow has it really been a week since the last update. Well we were in house Saturday and the hardwood looked very nice with the finish on it. Today the rough trim work above the garage door has been done and is ready for paint. Inside the carpet and vinyl flooring has been installed. The alarm system is mostly trimmed out, but they need to verify they installed the correct motion detectors on the main floor. The audio work is also mostly done. The ceiling speakers in the great room and ensuite have been installed as has one of two volume controls. The plumbing appears to be done with the sinks etc all being hooked up. The stove and dishwasher had been delivered, but they were the wrong ones. The correct units should be delivered Thursday.

June 22, 2002: Only two more sleeps till we move into the house. Hopefully all the work remaining will be finished. The shelving for all the closets is now in, and the front coat closet needs to have the shelf/hanger rod to be raise a few inches. The baseboards need repair as they are bowing out. The humidifier has been installed on the furnace and the correct stove and dishwasher have been delivered.

June 24, 2002: The cabinet people finally returned with the doors for our kitchen cabinets, and had installed the correct glass, but it looks like they installed the glass with the wrong side facing outwards. They also installed the toe kicks which they did not mess up. The duct work cleaners were finishing up when we arrived and they also gave the heating system a checkup as well. someone from the waterworks was also by to install a water meter.

June 26, 2002: We handed over lots of money, took possession of the Palace and moved the basics so we could start living in our new home.

June 27, 2002: We picked up a moving truck and moved most everything from Emma's mom's garage to our garage, then moved much of it into the house.

June 28, 2002: I moved the rest of the stuff from the garage to the house. Then my storage container arrived and we filled the garage full of my stuff.

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