The Building of The Palace

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April 2,2002: Woo hoo, we have framing happening. Emma and I swung by the Palace today to find carpenters putting the last of the tongue and grove OSB plywood floor sheets down. Nice to actually see people at work constructing the new digs. Now some of the details are taking shape.

The cantilever for the gas fireplace can clearly be seen:

The support posts, engineered wood beams, and floor joists that make up the floor system.

April 5,2002: We heard from a friend that the previous day that the house had walls. So we headed out eager to see what the house would look like now. What we found was all the main floor and garage walls framed and enclosed.

Exterior detail shots show the front door, the rear garden door, great room with cantilevered fireplace

Moving inside we can see the rough in for the fireplace, the great room, and the dining room with the rough framing in for the large garden door. The garden door is two false doors with one functional door which we are placing at the far right, and opening outwards. There will be a sliding screen so we can open the door out onto the deck, and use the screen to keep bugs out and Hutch the cat inside.

In the basement which will not have a concrete floor for sometime yet, we can see some of the details of the construction. The two engineered wood beams which are the main floor supports and the engineered wood I-beam used for floor joists. In the second shot the teleposts which are used to adjust the height of the beams can be seen along with some snow which fell before the work installing the floor started. The third view, is not too clear but it shows the cantilever for the fireplace. The remainder of the pictures show more of the basement and the stairway down into the basement.

Upstairs we can see the main structural beam and the joists forming the main floor ceiling and second floor floor. The framing for the garden door, wall framing for the mud room, pantry and den, garage entrance, and pass through closet for the front entrance and mud room.

We can get and idea of what the yard looks like from inside the house by taking a gander out the windows in the great room, den, and front door.

April 6, 2002: After a long day of packing and loading up a 7' high x 7' wide x 9' long storage crate full of all the furniture etc in my house. We stopped by the Palace on the way to the condo after a nice late supper at a restaurant. It was too dark to take pictures, but it was exciting to see the walls for the second story had been build during the day. We stopped by the following morning to take better look and take pictures.

The stairs to the second floor had also been installed along with trusses for the roof of the great room. I also noticed that two engineered wood I beams had been installed side by side to provide extra structural strength to the main floor ceiling at the front of the house.

On the second floor we can now see where the ensuite will be, Emma stands in the master bedroom, and we can also see the two other bedrooms, one of which will be used as an office. And tail end Charlie is the stairs heading down to the main floor.

My remaining pics show how the the electrical meter was framed in, plus taken from inside the garage, showing some details of the second floor details.

April 8, 2002: More changes today. The framing for the rooms upstairs haas begun, the exterior wall that was open to facilitate the building of the stairs to the second floor has been framed and enclosed. Windows and doors have been delivered by my employer who built them, and the garage roof is being constructed on the ground and will be hoisted onto the garage by crane, as will the house roof when it is built.

April 9, 2002: The roof is going up on the house, the garage roof is being assembled on the ground first, and the garden door which will open onto the deck has been installed..

April 10, 2002: The house roof is almost finished except for part of the gable on one end of the front of the house due to wrong pieces having been delivered. On the inside we can see where inserts are put between the trusses at the lower end of the roof line. This is to create air movement between the insulation and the roof which prevents ice damming when the snow melts then freezes again. Also shown are shots of vent holes in the roof, vent and plumbing access holes in the floor, and inside shots of how the roof is formed. The garage roof is on hold as trusses for a 20 foot wide instead of 22 foot wide garage where delivered. Hopefully the delivery problems will be fixed tomorrow.

April 11, 2002:The framers are nearly done. The front gable is finished now that the correct pieces have been delivered along with the correct trusses for the garage roof. The windows have been moved to the locations at which they will be installed.

April 12, 2002: First a little house keeping. I forgot to mention that on Wednesday we received our first piece of mail at the new address. It was the paper work for a piece of computer equipment I ordered. Today we received more mail in the form of blank cheques for the bank account we got from the bank handling the new mortgage. Also Emma had told the frames that we were making a web site to chronical the building of our new home. Seems one of them was able to find this site by doing a search on google. I wonder what he used as a search criteria?

Framing is finished. All the doors and windows are in, the roof for the garage is done.

We can see the stub walls in the ensuite in the next two pictures. The first one sits between the bathtub which sits under the window frames which will be finished with glass blocks, and the bathroom counter top. The second stub wall boxes the toilet into the corner. It is hard to see, but the third shot shows the framing for an inset in wall of the upstairs hallway. This provides a small ledge where nick nacks can be put and maybe a small picture or mural on the wall. The final shot shows the deck mount points which have been attached to the wall under the garden door and the adjacent wall.

April 15, 2002 No changes the past two days, but today has seen fireplace installed, plus the plumber getting started.

On the main floor the plumbing for the clothes washer is in, drains for the main floor washroom are in, they can be seen from under the floor in the third picture. The last shot is of the drains for the double sink in the kitchen island.

On the second floor we have the roof vent for the grey water, the ensuite tub and shower stall base have been delivered, sewage for the guest bathroom, and tub/shower for the guest bathroom.

The nook for the gas fireplace has been drywalled and the fireplace installed.

April 16, 2002 More plumbing work has been done in the basement, the central vac rough in has been done, and the furnace installed. I also got a picture of the exhaust for the gas fireplace.

April 17, 2002No pictures today. We spent an hour with the site supervisor, doing a pre electrical installation walk through. We confirmed the location of all the lights, outlets etc. Any locations where there is a cable TV, plus a phone or Cat5 connection, to terminate them in the same box. This will cut down on the number of face plates which will prevent the dreaded wall of faceplates syndrome I see in many homes.

April 19, 2002More progress today. Electrical, plumbing, and duct work are all well underway. The roof shingles have been delivered to the roof top, the garage door installed, and the wood base for the stone work on the garage has been built.

The basement needs to be dry for the cement floor to be poured so a large propane heater is running in the basement to dry things out. Even with moist clay work is going forward with the rough in plumbing for a future basement washroom. As you can see lots of wire has been run already, and the furnace has been installed.

April 22, 2002 The shingles are starting to get installed on the roof, garage floor is prep'd for concrete, and the electrical panel is starting to tie all the wiring together.

April 24, 2002 Notables beyond the Palace today are that my house is no longer my house in that the new owner took possession of it and I for a little while have no mortgage to pay.

In the Palace, the wiring for the sound system and alarm are going in as seen in the dining room, where we can see the speaker wire going out to the deck and alarm wiring for a motion detector. The glass block is being installing in the ensuite so there are no more openings left open in the walls. The ceiling speakers go in water and dust shields. Lots of wire for the network and audio ends in the basement where the server and sound system will be located. The front deck is starting to take shape.

April 29, 2002: No pictures, but the garage concrete floor was poured today, the decking for the front door entrance was finished, and the roofer has made more progress.

April 30, 2002: I finished off one bit of speaker and Cat5 wiring Emma and I started on Sunday. Emma read the safety inspectors notes: The building inspector had the builder put 1' X 1' pieces of steel plate under two of the teleposts in the basement to bridge where two separate pours of concrete meet. I guess this is a safety measure to ensure the weight of the house on the telepost does not split the seam where the two concrete pours meet. The inspector also had the builder put OSB plywood on the weight bearing wall separates the kitchen and mud room. This is due to the number of cuts in the wood that joins all the wall studs together. the plywood ties all the studs together making the wall stronger.

The roofer has made more progress, the pillar at the front entrance has been built, and there are now steps in the garage into the mudroom.

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