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Monday April 17, 2006

I mentioned on the weekend that after installing AVG antivirus on a gaming PC that game play slowed down. A simple reboot solved that issue.

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Tuesday April 18, 2006

For the first time in months I did some scripting at work. Forgotten a bit but things came back fairly fast. I found an existing script online and modified it to take a users Active Directory ID and generate a html page listing the users AD group memberships. Yes the Mirosoft admin tools show you this list but you can't cut and paste the contents into another program or document which my you can with the html report.

It was school night with the dogs and even with the limited homework we have done over the past week, Piper worked really well with me. I hope this improvement continues.

I did some Google searches to see what kind of results I would get for a friends web site that I host. The results were not good. So I dug through my bookmarks and found a site that creates sitemaps that work with Google's sitemap service. I got the sitemap xml file created and put on the site and validated with Google. This process helped me get another site fully indexed by Google and I am hoping that it will work again.

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Wednesday April 19, 2006

I bought a Linksys WAP54G wireless access point on the weekend to replace the wirelss router I have been using. There is some oddity with the Dell laptop at home that it will only do WEP secure connections. Mom's new Dell laptop with build in wireless will not do WEP (at least not with my Linksys gear). So I setup the old router using WAP and it worked really well. So I gave her the old router so when she orders DSL from her local telco when she gets home she can just plug in and attach the router and have a secure wireless network at home.

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Thursday April 20, 2006

Emma woke up to find my parents dog in our bedroom. Seems mom and dad forgot poor little Cory at our place when they left after I had gone to work. About the time Emma called them they had realized that they had left their dog behind.

I was setting up another computer in my lab at home and found that my supply of cat5 patch cables now consists of several cross over cables and one 50 foot regular cable. Looks like time to pick up a few supplies.

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Friday April 21, 2006

No Post.

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Saturday April 22, 2006

We just had two warm days in the low 20 degree C range. This morning it is cool and snowing.

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Sunday April 23, 2006

The snow is gone, the sun is out and warm. After church we tested the sprinkler system and fertilized the lawn and trees. Also adjusted some of the garden fence we use to keep the dogs out of the trees and mud.