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Monday April 10, 2006

I spent some lab time working on backup and restores for Windows 2003 and Exchange 2003. File backup and restores are easy, Exchange 2003 restores are not so easy.

In case you missed my post from Sunday last week, I am not renewing my domain and am moving data from it here. I have already have most of the transfer done and added new items to the menu, like our wedding, vacations and camping etc.

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Tuesday April 11, 2006

Worked some more on Exchange 2003 backup and restore and learned a lot and had some good success with my testing.

School with the dogs in the evening and Piper was testing me. She kept breaking her down stays, but on the other hand she did really well at times with other things like healing and sitting when we halt.

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Wednesday April 12, 2006

Lost power at the house today so the web server was down for a while. I was able to get Emma to verify that the server was off line and power it up.

We don't give our direct line phone numbers out to users at work. Today one of the partners tried to get my number off me after I fixed his laptop in record time. Managed to convince him to just call the helpdesk in the future.

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Thursday April 13, 2006

Lots of walking for me today. Started with walking from the house to the train so that Emma could have the car for the day. Emma packed up the dogs and some gear and picked me up after work to go north of the city to farm field that friends have permission to do dog traininging in. First off we walked the field with the first group and their dogs then observed their dogs finding homing pigeons that had been hid under straw in the field. Watching the dogs search for birds then point to show where the bird was.

Next was our turn. This would be the first real off leash experience for our dogs. Jazmine was the first to be turned loose and she ran and had a ball of fun. Then I turned Piper loose and she quickly joined up with Jazmine and they headed together to a low area and got wet and a little muddy. After we called them in and put them back on leashes we turned Pupmkin loose. Pumpkin ran straight down the field and never stopped till she found something to sniff. She eventually returned after I called her a few times. Then we started to head back to the car and Emma let Jazmine loose again. Jazmine was the one dog we had the least worry over and she let us down. She took off under a fence and off in another field chasing a bird. I held Piper and Pumpkin while everyone else headed after Jazmine. Jazmine came to Kim our host and looked a little scared. We guess she realized that she was off alone, got scared and came back to us.

Our host Kim who with her husband have many dogs and are field dog test judges, worked each of ours dogs on a hidden pigeon. She said that both Jazmine and Piper did well, but Pumpkin the old girl just wasn't sure how to use her nose.

When we got home I had to wash all three dogs as they were not so much dirty as they tend to shed dirt, but they were smelly from the water and mud.

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Friday April 14, 2006

Picked up parts for a low end gaming PC.

Intel D945GTPL mother board
Pentium 4 2.8Ghz CPU
Mushkin 2 x 512 MB RAM
Maxtor 250 GB SATA Hard Drive
Sapphire Radeon X1300 PCI-E video card
Antec SLK1650B case

This had to have been the nicest bit of hardware to assemble I have ever had. Everything just fit, and fit well. This is the first time I used serial ATA hard drive and was worried about installing WinXP. But the install was painless other than it took a long time to format the hard drive.

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Saturday April 15, 2006

Emma picked up a copy of Myst to paly on the gaming PC and I found an old Moto-X game I used to play. My game installed and palyed well till I put AVG antivirus on the PC. Then performance suffered. I tried turning off virus scanning, but that did not help. I'll have to do some testing to get things working properly.

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Sunday April 16, 2006