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Monday April 3, 2006

Last Friday I was at work till 11:30 PM helping with some testing following database schema changes for the document management system. The changes and testing went well and I learned quite a lot in the process.

I have been doing some new user training when new users join the firm. Well this week they want me to do not just the day one training, but the whole 3 days. I am not up to speed on all the topics but will make things work one way or another.

Tomorrow we start another obedience class with the dogs, so we have been doing some work with the girls in the evenings. Wednesday evening we are taking the dogs to a friends north of the city to do some field work where they can put their pointing instincts to work with some live birds.

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Tuesday April 4, 2006

No training today, but there will be tomorrow. I spent some time getting some practical exercises together for Wednesday, plus making notes on things I missed on Monday.

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Wednesday April 5, 2006

I have been researching portable mp3 players and finally made a decision and bought a 30 Gig iPod Video. No matter what looked at there were compromises and the iPod ended up giving me the fewest compromises. Data transfer is slow on the old Dell laptop using USB 1. The first thing to onto the iPod was the book of Matthew from my audio bible cd set which just got delivered. Then I found the Gilmore Gang podcasts are free on itunes so I loaded the last 10 podcasts.

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Thursday April 6, 2006

I bought an iRiver FM transceiver to use in the car so I can listen to the iPod while driving. My first impression is that it works pretty well and is much better than wearing headphones while driving. The default frequency worked pretty well. I am sure I will be happy listening to podcasts and other verbal tracks like my bible in the car, but will have to get some music on the iPod to see how it sounds.

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Friday April 7, 2006

I put in a significant amount of time working on a disaster recovery exercise for Exchange 2003. Felt good to put some quality time into learning more about Exchange.

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Saturday April 8, 2006

Quiet day. Picked up some odds and ends for projects around the house, then had abit of R & R.

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Sunday April 9, 2006

At church today they showed pictures from a recent trip by church members to Mexico to build homes for Mexican families. Very interesting to hear peoples stories and see the shanties people were living in. The houses that were built are 250 square feet, on a cement pad with one 15 amp breaker for electrical service. I'm not sure about plumbing other than there are no indoor washrooms, just an outhouse.

Bought a de-thatching blade for the lawn mower today. The yard is very matted from the snow and dogs. The de-thatching blade has two springs on it that rake the lawn as you push the mower. It did a good job of cleaning up the dead and matted grass. I then put the regular blade back on and went over the yard again to pick up all the loose grass. Now the fresh spring growth will have a chance and when things dry up and warm up more we can seed and fertilize the lawn.

I am not going to renew the domain I have started moving the stuff from that domain to this one. The menu now has a few new items for what I have moved so far, our wedding, horse shows, camping and vacations.