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Monday March 20, 2006

More cool cloudy weather. I am definately missing the sunshine.

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Tuesday March 21, 2006

I downloaded the latest stable version of Debian Linux and rebuilt my test PC. The default screen resolution came as 800 x 600 which doesn't work for me. There was no selection for higher resolutions. A Google search told me to edit the XF86Config-4 file and add entries for 1024 x 768. I did that and restarted KDE and had a better screen resolution to work with. Next I used apt-get to install DigiKam which looks to be a nice package for managing digital photos and creating albums.

Portable applications that can run off a USB flash drive are cropping up a lot lately. Today I found portaPutty> which is a portable version of Putty which is a ssh client that runs on Windows. I downloaded it an out it on my USB flash drive. I was able to setup a profile for connecting to a Linux box at home, then put the flash drive in another PC and use portaPutty with the saved profile to connect again to my Linux box.

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Wednesday March 22, 2006

I finally figured out that in Digikam that the export to HTML option is done by a plug-in. I was thinking that it was a native function so was trying to install different versions so I could see the export function at work. So once I figured out the plug requirment and installed it, I created a test photo album and exported it to HTML which created a nice photo gallery. I need to play with the options but so far I think I will make my own photo gallery and only use the Digikam gallery for when I need something quick and dirty.

A neighbour is having the same hotwater heater issue we had last year, so he was over to see what I had done. I will be giving him some assistance on the weekend installing a dielectric union on the output side of his hotwater heater. A good explaination of what a dielectric union is and how one is installed can be found here.

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Thursday March 23, 2006

No Post.

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Friday March 24, 2006

Emma Report

Had a busy day yesterday.

Started with a visit to the dermatologist - just a 3 month follow up. I have one mole he wants to keep an eye on but nothing else concerning. I have to go back in 6 months and when I was putting it in my Palm, I realized I will be off the interferon for that next appointment! Very exciting.

Then off to the Tom Baker. I had my monthly blood work done and then an appointment with the oncologist. My blood counts were satisfactory and they will be maintaining my dose at the current levels. She said she was having trouble checking my groin lymph nodes manually due to the scar tissue from the surgery. Hopefully they will order an ultrasound soon to check them out. When I told the onco about my morning cough, she felt it was best to have a chest xray done. So off I went to the lab again for that. Then I picked up my next month's supply of interferon.

So things are continuing at the new "normal". Can't wait until I am done the drugs!


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Saturday March 25, 2006

Off to the hardware store in the morning to help a neighbour fix his hot water heater. From the lack of hot water pressure he has I am sure he has the same issue I had last year with the output on the hot water tank being plugged with mineral deposits. We picked up a dielectric union, a few tools and other plumbing bits then descended into his basement. Sure enough there was big plug of deposits in the hot water tank outlet. I took on the position of supervisor and let my friend do most of the work including the soldiering which he has only done with electronics before. With my instruction he did a good job and when we were done there were no leaks and he had lots of pressure coming out of the hot water tank.

In the evening we went south of the city to attend an annual fund raiser for the Clairsholm area heath region. A good friend of ours puts the event together and we have always enjoyed the event. It was lots of fun and as always it was nice to visit with friends we do not see often enough.

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Sunday March 26, 2006

Church and shopping day. Had to pick up a birthday present for Emma's nephew, look around to see what is available in our price range for barbeques, and pick up groceries.