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Monday February 20, 2006

Vacation day here in Alberta. Was a nice long weekend. Relaxed, did some reading, started backup data to DVD and did some web development.

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Tuesday February 21, 2006

I am helping a friend with their web site domain administration. One issue is that the registrar they use only provides URL forwarding. Full DNS administration would allow me to clean up some things. Currently to get to her site you hit the domain at the registrar, get URL forwarded to a user web space with her ISP then to a third party web server. Her domain is a second level domain which I am finding poor support for. Most of the few registrars that deal with Canadian sub level domains only provide the service if you host with them. I looked for a DNS service and had no luck finding a service that will work with anything but a top level domain. I thought about doing the DNS myself but just don't have the time to invest right now in learning the ins and outs of running my own public DNS server.

I got lucky after a lot of searching and found a hosting / registrar company, Premier Website Solutions in London, ON, Canada that will provide full DNS services for subdomains. With the difficulty in finding support for subdomains I am wondering if it would not be a good idea to register a top level domain. There are lots of available top level domains including .ca for the current domain name. We could have both the top level and province level domain active and since there is lots of support for .ca domains with all the bells and whistles, if we need to move to another service provider, we could move the top level doamin and drop the province level domain.

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Wednesday February 22, 2006

Record snow fall for this day in Calgary today. Made the morning commute very slow.

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Thursday February 23, 2006

Getting back to some web site work for a friend. I made a copy of the site and am reducing it down to bare html tags. By removing all the tables etc in preparation for a total redesign of the site.

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Friday February 24, 2006

Well, John thought it was about time for an update so here I go.

I had blood work done yesterday and after much searching and two pokes, they managed to get enough blood (barely). I haven't heard anything so I have to assume that the results are satisfactory. I went to the Tom Baker today to pick up my next month's supply of interferon. I have discovered that if I call ahead, they will have it ready to go. Much quicker! This also lets me use the 5 minute parking rather than the lot a 10 minute walk away! Parking is quite a problem there.

Tonight marks the end of six months on interferon - the halfway mark. I am pleased to have come this far but another six months seems like such a long time.

I continue to have the same symptoms - fatigue being the worst. As always, some days are better than others. I guess the best way to describe it is that I am getting used to it all. My hair loss has slowed down but I don't think there is any new stuff growing. I haven't needed a haircut in ages.

On a positive note, I haven't had any indications of new tumors nor have I had to go through the nailbitting process of waiting for new scans and tests. Hopefully it stays that way!

I have returned to work, but only for one morning a week (Mondays, this being the day I feel the best). It is nice to get out of the house and back to the world but I do struggle with concentration and thought processes. Also, the company has had three acquisitions since I went on sick leave and my department has doubled in size. I am finding it hard remembering all the new names and faces. I am also finding that I have to sleep an extra hour for each hour that I work.

The dogs continue to entertain me during the day with their antics and we go for a walk each day. The exercise and fresh air seems to help. I am so grateful to have their company, usually one or more is snuggled up to me on the couch. I don't know how they will react when I am not a stay at home "mum" anymore!

Anyway, that is about it for me.


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Saturday February 25, 2006


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Sunday February 26, 2006