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Monday February 6, 2006

The dog show over the weekend was a sucess. Saturday and Sunday Jazmine was Best of Breed, and Pepsi collected enough points by going Best of Winners Saturday and Winners Bitch Sunday to get her Canadain Championship.

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Tuesday February 7, 2006

I noticed on the weekend that Google had a service outage. This is the second time in the past few months I have seen this. I could not access gmail or access sitemaps. It was a short outage and not critical to me but it made me wonder what is happening in Google land. I also have noticed and have read remarkes else where that getting a new web site crawled and listed in the search index by Google takes a long time and may take some user effort. I have noticed Yahoo is much the same, but MSN pickes up new sites quickly. My only thought about this is that Google and Yahoo are doing a lot in the blog and rss space so possibly their resources are focused away from static pages like this site and many others.

So what to do if you have a new web site and you want it searchable via a search engine. Well MSN should just pick it up has been my experience and none of my reasearch conficts with my findings. Google may pick up a new site if it is linked to on a site that Google already crawls. The next option is to use Google Sitemaps. I tried this and with in a few days the pages for a new site that were in my sitemap all were crawled by Google and test search results found content on the pages.

A third method I have heard is to setup blog with Blogger and put links in it to your new site. Apparently Google is good about crawling blogs on Blogger.

I am now testing a method to get Yahoo to crawl a new site. My reasearch shows that you can setup a blog with Blogger with a rss feed and link that feed to a My Yahoo account, then yahoo will crawl the site as it is linked to a My Yahoo account. I did this the other day and am watching to see if I get any results from it.

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Wednesday February 8, 2006

I'm getting back slowly to my web site projects. I updated a friends site and was reminded quickly why we have to redesign it. The pages are too big, and getting rather cluttered. I started to look at this site again which is rather sparce looking and in some browsers the body of the page does not center itself in the browser Window. To further aid in my learning of CSS I have ordered a new CSS book.

	  	Head First HTML with CSS & XHTML

	  	By Elisabeth Freeman, Eric Freeman
	  	First Edition December 2005
	  	Series: Head First
	  	ISBN: 0-596-10197-X
	  	694 pages, $34.95 US, $48.95 CA, 24.99 UK

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Thursday February 9, 2006

I made some head way with the new CSS version of this site last night. I have one formating issue which I think might actually be a syntax error to sort out. As soon as I get that issue fixed I may roll it out.

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Friday February 10, 2006

My CSS formating issue was running through my head alot today. It hit me that I was trying to do the background colour in the wrong place. A little testing found that I indeed had been trying to do things the wrong way.

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Saturday February 11, 2006

This page now looks a little different than it has the past few weeks. It is very similar to the design of the past few years. Now that I have a better handle on CSS I may try and dress things up a little. I see the first few weeks of 2006 are a bit broken by the new sytle sheet. I'll fix them over the next few days.

My sister in law's oldest boy Daylan spent the night with us. He walked our dogs with me last night. He walked Pumpkin who is an old sweet girl and smart too. She knew he was not going to be the boss so she would stop every minute or two and sniff at stuff and he would just stop with her. I'm sure Pumkin was thinking that it was great being able to do what ever she wanted. I let this happen a few times then told Daylan that Pumpin was training him and that he should not let her do what ever she wants. He then kept walking when Pumpkin stopped and Pumkin learned quickly that she could not take advantage of Daylan.

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Sunday February 12, 2006