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Monday January 9, 2006

I bought some new glasses and today was the first time I wore them to work. Today was not a fair test for them as I had a headache and tired eyes. At church yesterday I found that the bright overhead lights were really picked up by the new glasses as they are frameless and light comes in the top edge of the lense.

At work I started setting up to test and play with Exchange 2003. One of my work objectives for 2006 is to become more knowledgeable in regards to Exchange so I can take on some more duties.

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Tuesday January 10, 2004

While we are cutting way back on the number of dog shows we will be doing confirmation in this year, we still want to do stuff with the dogs. So tonight we went to owner orientation for an obedience class for the dogs. We already have home work to do with the dogs and starting next Tuesday we will be taking the dogs to class for instruction and training. Emma thinks she may like to try taking Jazmine in an obedience competition, while I would like to take Piper in a field trial so she can try and locate some birds which is what she was bred to do. This training will be useful in working towards both those areas, gives us an activity for the next few weeks, and will enhance the training we have done on our own with the dogs.

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Wednesday January 11, 2004

The Microsoft Press book (MCSA/MCSE Self-Paced Training Kit (Exam 70-284): Implementing and Managing Microsoft® Exchange Server 2003) I was working with for the past week learning Microsoft Exchange 2003 has been put a side. I just was not happy with it. I found another Exchange 2003 book (Learning Exchange Server 2003) on Safari Bookshelf which I am much happier with.

Today was the second day of the ten week obedience training program we are doing with the dogs. Yesterday was orientation and today we did homework. The drill for the first few days is to take a dog with a choke collar and 15 foot lead to a large open area. Hold the lead handle in your right hand, along with a half arm length of lead held with the handle for slack if the dog runs after something. The slack will provide some shock relief when the dog hits the end of the line. The basics of the drill is to walk a triangle where each side is approx. 25 to 30 feet. When you reach a corner you stop for 15 to 30 seconds and wait while the dog does it own thing. Then you walk the next side of the triangle. This is done in silence for about 10 minutes. The idea is that the dog starts to get the idea that it is connected to you and has to go where you go. If it does not it gets a correction when the collar pulls tight as it gets to the end of the line or you walk off when it is not paying attention to you.

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Thursday January 12, 2004

For what ever reason it is still quiet at work. For me that is not such a bad thing as it gives me the luxury of time to work on my Exchange server testing. Today mostly of my test time setting up my lab.

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Friday January 13, 2004

I ran into a networking issue with my Exchange Server lab. DNS resolution was not working properly on one server and for Windows XP Pro running in a VMware virtual machine on the server. In the end I the rebuilt the server and DNS resolution started to work correctly on it. I ran out of time to get Vmware up a running again to see if the issues with it are resolved.

The car has been noisy for sometime. To me it just sounds like the tires on the road. Emma noticed that when you make a right turn the noise goes away. So when I had the car in for and oil change at the dealer I had them check it out. At first they thought it was a wheel bearing and it would not be covered by warrantee. They changed the drivers side front wheel bearing which fix nothing. They then found that power train warrantee would cover the cost and changed the front passenger side bearing which fixed nothing. Now they want the car back so they can check some other things to try and resolve the issue.

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Saturday January 14, 2004

The weather was great again. We have set at lease one record high temperature in Calgary this month, and most days have been above zero. We had a nice walk in the warm sunshime with the dogs and got some shopping done before haeding over to Emma's mom's place for supper.

I played floor hockey Friday night and am surprised that I am not sore. The last time I played floor hockey with the church men I hurt for days.

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Sunday January 15, 2004

We got some snow in the early morning which made the side roads rather slippery. I only just got the snow shovelled and started working on cleaning up in preparation for the delivery of our new sofa when the delivery guys showed up early. The new sofa prompted Emma to ask to see the living room with the furniture in several configurations. In the end we found a new setup we like which will get better when the old sofa goes off to it's new home at the end of the month. I also have to do some wiring for the television as we moved it to a new location. Luckily I installed some cat5 and coax cable in the new location when we build the house. I now just have to put some ends on the cable and hook things up. Till that job is done I have a 10 foot coax cable running across the living room to the TV.