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Monday November 06, 2000

Didn't really want to leave work tonight as I was enjoying getting acquainted with the now functional Dell server. First I had to verify that the disk systems were hooked up the way in want them, figure out the IDs for the two disk systems and install the Raid Array Management software.

My Linux project is gaining momentum which is nice. First I think I my have solved my Samba authentication problem but did have time to do more than one test to confirm this today. Also the programmer came in today and made good progress compiling the bar code program on my Linux box now that the libraries he needs are available.

Also had to work on my management skills as I had to over see the Dell boys finish off the setup of the server hardware and the programmer for the bar code system. Had to stay on top of both projects to keep things moving. I may not know a thing about c++ and compiling code but I have worked with enough software that I have found that checking in with the programmer and asking a few questions allowed me to help point him in a new direction which helped him make progress instead of spinning his wheels.

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Tuesday October 31, 2000

Nearly got cooked to death in the server room today working on the Dell server. The air conditioner has not been working too well the last couple of days due to needing a freon recharnge. Late in the day the air conditioner got re-charged and things cooled off back to normal temperatures.

Setting up the Raid Array was the easy part of my day, the hard part was getting the server to boot off the drives on the correct SCSI adapter. Lots of places to look for setting and each change required a reboot to test the change. I finally got the server to boot correctly but have some clean-up to do tomorrow.

No matter how much I explain things and he seems to agree with me, the programmer keeps thinking I am wrong and that no changes have to made on the wireless bar code readers to get them to connect to my Linux box. I am getting fed up with this and have to watch that I don't say something I'll regret. What I think I'll have to do is tell him to prove me wrong. Kudos if he can, but I don't think that he has any more chance than an ice cube in hell.

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Wednesday November 1, 2000

After a day in the server room with the air conditioning running has me rather chilled. The idea of going out the door into the parking lot with old man winter chilling the air, did not thrill me in the least.

In a nothing to lose department, I took a DLT tape which a backup had been made on using the existing NT server running BackupExec on a HP DLT drive. I put the tape in the Dell jukebox DLT drive on the Dell 8450 runniing ArcServe backup software. To my suprise I was able to read the tape and copy data off it onto the new server. This is good news as it will make data migration much easier and faster.

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Thursday November 2, 2000

Turns out that ArcServe will not merge a tape created with Backup Exec into it's database. Not surprising but a bit of a dissappointment after my small stroke of good fortune yesterday. So I spent today trying to get one of the HP DLT drives to work on the Dell server. Seems that the HP drive is fussy about what type of SCSI adapter it is connected to. I ended up having to borrow an adapter out of another server to get things working.

Then Backup Exec would not import the tapes header info into it's catalogue. The instructions for doing so are very straight forward, but don't work. I ended up copying the catalogue off the HP server which got things going. Hopefully now everything is in order to start migrating data tomorrow.

Internet access was very spotty today and when it did work it was like trying pour concrete though a straw.

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Friday November 3, 2000

A nice change of pace today as file migration is happening on the new server leaving me with time to do other things. First off was a few minutes looking at Samba again. I was able to setup a new user and give them assess to a share from Windows PC. A few more test and some documentation and I will have Samba ready to roll out.

An MS Access front end is being developed to view data from an Oracle database. Problem has been that no one other than the developer has been able to make an ODBC connection to Oracle. I spent some time with the developer learning how the connection is suppose to be made etc. The thought has been that a rights problem existed. I had a good look at things and setup a test PC so I could setup all the relevant software and the ODBC connection from scratch to see how things need to be setup. Under the developers ID everything works fine, under mine or another persons ID the connection fails. I know all the correct user rights are in place so it can't be a user rights issue. I then started to examine changes under each user ID in regards to environmental variables such as search drive mappings. Right away I could see that the Novell login script was over writting the local path statement. The Oracle client requires a path entry of c:\orawin95\bin to work. As soon as I fixed the path issue the ODBC connection worked.

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Saturday November 4, 2000

Morning post: Strange how the human brain works sometimes. This morning while brushing my teeth it dawned upon me that while last night I wrote my Friday post, I never published it. Well I've FTP'd it up to the web server now and I can start on a new day.

Looks like rushing to put up yesterdays post may have been a waste of time as I can't view it in a browser to confirm that it is up. Shaw is pissing me off again, I can't send email through my account with them and my web page seems to be unavailable all too often.

Started putting hardware together for a dual boot windows Linux PC. I have two 1.2 Gig SCSI hard drives installed, one for each operating system.

Evening post: Multi tasking my way through the day has gotten lots of little things done. Hardware wise the dual boot PC is ready except for some bios problems while booting and maybe a dead floppy drive. Also finally cracked the cover on the firewall book I bought a while back.

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Sunday November 5, 2000

Morning post: A lovely sunny Sunday morning, and the house full of the smell of fresh pancakes. I haven't had pancakes for a while so I put a pan on the stove and whipped up a batch.

The temperature is starting to rise up near seasonal normals which makes for great early season skiing for those headed out to the mountains today and holiday Monday. Only a few runs are open at the hills which have snow making equipment, others will open soon as more natural snow accumulates.

Slowly making my way through Building Linux and OpenBSD Firewalls. Haven't hit the meat of the book yet but the overview on internal network security is worth reading. I could just skip to the pertinent chapters but there is some good stuff worth reading which leads up to material I am looking forward to learning then implementing when I build a new firewall for the home LAN.

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