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Monday October 02, 2000 

The start of a new week and a new month. I am not ready for this. My weekend was much too short, I missed my regular long Sunday run, and I am only just managing to not be a ogre at work today.

Hope your day is off to a better start than mine. Nothing bad has happened other than I had to get out of bed. My head is foggy, my eyes are grainy. In short I am not functional this morning. One day off is not enough for this cowboy. At least the long weekend is around the corner and I am going to the farm for a change of pace.

You know success in of it self is not what it is cracked up to be. For the longest time I was focused on landing the perfect job, and now that I have it, it is a fairly empty thing to have achieved. I have always been better at doing things for others than for myself. There is just no joy for me in doing something solely for myself.

I have Samba working, but not exactly how I think I want it to work. My understanding is that I can point Samba at my NT server and NT will do all the user authentication for me. This works as all the people than need Linux access have access to the NT server. This seems to work so far as Global access the Linux server goes, but not for accessing the share I have setup. But then as I think about things security wise maybe simple is better. I only have maybe 6 Windows users who need access to the share on the Linux server, all the other connections will be via telnet, and likely will all be using a generic ID as it will just be the RF scanners passing data to the share. So I have rolled the security back to user level, tested my test ID and it still works, which is a good thing.

I thought about using Samba when I started this project but went off trying to use NSF as that is what had been used with Unix. Now in a fraction of the time it took my to get NSF partially working I have Samba working and I understand it a lot more than I ever will the Novell NSF Gateway.

Oh and just to be in keeping with the up and down journey of this post I must say how I am not impressed with the service Futureshop is providing me on my internet order I placed with them over a week ago. They say the have stock and ship all orders with in two days when they have stock, but have yet to ship my order. This will be my one and only dealing with these people via the Net. Next time I will take my business else where even if it means taking my financial lumps and order out of the US and get the service I am accustom to. 


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Tuesday October 03, 2000

Morning post: Ok so yesterday was not one of my better days. I was tired, cranky and had a touch of self loathing cursing through the blood stream. This morning things are looking much brighter after a good nights sleep and some light non computer related reading. Now to go join the zombie zoo out on the roads for the morning commute. TTFN

Evening post: Not a bad day on the job front. Spent the morning trying to learn the ins and outs of file and directory rights under Linux. By using a combination of web based administration tools and the command line I started to get a handle on things.

After lunch I installed the ZenWorks starter pack on one of the Netware servers so I can start working on user profiles and locking down the PCs on the shop floor. I setup two default user profiles using the wizard that the Zenworks install adds to Netware Administrator. Next I have to install the Windows policy editor from the Windows 95 resource kit so I can create user and administrator policies.

A curse, a pox, a nasty viral infection I wish upon Futureshop. I got an email from the support people at Futureshop thanking me for placing an order with them and using my Futureshop credit card, but they had to cancel my order due to my credit card being refused. Of course it got refused you butt heads, I don't have a Futureshop credit card so no wonder they declined the purchase. Obviously somewhere along the line they have mangled my order info, causing me to lose my order. I feel like writing them a nasty letter but that would be a waste of time and effort. So instead I dug around and found an outfit in Toronto which is suppose to have the Casio E-115 in stock and a lower price. So I fax them my purchase information and wait for them to call and confirm my order.


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Wednesday October 04, 2000

Morning post: This morning we head out into that day we like to call Hump Day. Over the crest we will go and slide down the back side of the slope into the long weekend. Now what wax to use to make the ride down the slope as fast as possible, and where is my waxing iron?

Time now to go play in the ice and snow as old man winter gives us the first taste of winter. It's just a tease though as warm weather is on the way in time for the weekend

Evening post: Well by 10 AM I got a call to confirm the shipping info for my new order for a Casio E-115, and they claim they will ship it today, so with a little luck I should have it Friday.

Went to work on Zenworks again today and remembered that Windows 95/98 machines must have multiple user profiles enabled for the policies I designed in Zenworks to work. A few mouse clicks, reboot, and I had the PC locked down under my test ID. Login as another ID and the PC is no longer locked down.


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Thursday October 05, 2000

Just when things look like they are coming together stuff happens. As usual my plans for the day go up in smoke as I have to work on a vinyl welder control PC this morning then try and sort out some remote users email problems. Later between reboots and file copying I play with the standard install and user policies for the shop floor PCs and only succeeded in breaking things. Oh well when I break things I learn more stuff to fill my already too full cranium. Just wait till my PDA comes then I can fill it's memory instead and save a few synapses to remember things like taking out the garbage or paying the bills. You know useful stuff for real life!

I learned today while talking to a Baan consultant that part of the reason our NT server gets such a large CPU load on it at times, is that one of the managers has been firing up four or more Dell 733's and submitting multiple large jobs like material requirements planning. So he has been hammering the Oracle database with more processing power than the server itself has. No wonder the server gets so loaded down sometimes!

Tonight was my first run in nine days. I have had a nagging mild pain in my left calf which just wouldn't go away. I tried different stretches, changing my warm-up routine ( that should be started a warm-up routine ), tried modifying my shoes, changed shoes, all of which made little difference. So my few days off turned into 9 days. I made tonight's run very short with a warm-up and down walk, ran mostly on grass and gravel. While part of me is disappointed that the run was so short, another is happy that it was pain free. 


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Friday October 06, 2000

I have to wear safety glasses when I am out in the plant which generally is not a problem. But then today I spend an hour in front of a computer screen trying and finally succeeding to fix all the stuff the plant guys had broken. Well safety glasses and computer monitors do not mix. My eyes are sore and burning, which in turn is giving me a headache.

After having gotten a headache from fixing other people needless desktop antics I decided that this PC I just clean-up will be the first to be subject to being locked down. So I set everything up and implemented it. Now they can't mess with the settings and cause me any more trouble. Well that is not entirely true. They can bitch and complain causing me to undue what I have done, but I am not going to give in easily. I also think I can get some managers on my side. So much for avoiding business politics.

Mr. or is that Ms. Murphy paid me a visit this afternoon. At 4:30 I thought why not kill the balance of the day by locking down another PC. So I went out on the plant floor and found a good target which was not in use. I followed my procedure to a "T" and everything worked except Windows kept reverting back to thinking I am the last person who logon to the PC. I dug around in the registry and could not find a fix. I ended up going back to my desk for a boot disk and putting the new image for the shop floor PCs I made the other day on the PC. Plug and play fixed up the NIC and video drivers, I could login and out as various users and all worked fine. I think I may just put the image on all the other PCs and be sure that I will have no troubles.


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Saturday October 07, 2000

I have received a few emails which lead me to think that my web site has been trolled through be more than a few webbots. I figured it would not hurt to check my web stats to see if could see any spikes from my site being trolled. No dice as Shaw cannot provide me with any stats for September and the past weeks stats show no unusual behavior. It is times like this that I wished I was hosting my own site so I could have better logs and stats on who accesses my site. 

Well I'm off to visit friends on the farm and go to the annual fall dance in the small rural village near their farm.


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Sunday October 08, 2000

No post today.

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