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Monday September 04, 2000 

Morning post: Late start to the day as I was up late. The Princess Bride was on the tube and despite having seen it many times already I ended up watching the whole movie over again.

I seem to have managed to not get much in the way of chores done over the weekend so holiday Monday is going to be a chore. TTFN

Evening post:  Went out a bought a new CD drive as the one I was trying to use in the Linux box did not like my Linux CD. This particular drive has done this on me before. The new drive is working well, I put the Linux CD in the drive, booted the PC and the CD booted and started the install. I wanted to slice and dice the hard drive my own way but ended up using the entire drive for the install. I'll try a custom setup later.


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Tuesday September 05, 2000

I feel like I am stuck in quicksand today, and to make things worse there is also some mushy oatmeal between my ears as well. Needless to say it does not feel like it has been and overly productive day on the job front. Dabbled with lots of little jobs and learned some more Linux command line commands. I wrote up a short recipe of six or seven commands I need to use to find the files I need on the SCO Unix box and copy them over to to my Linux box. Thought I would try and copy the files onto a floppy but I couldn't mount the floppy drive under SCO Unix. Tomorrow I will I will see if I can use telnet to copy the files. What I think I really need to do is copy all or most of the files and directories from one of the user directories. If all goes well I can test to see if the programs which were custom written for the company will run under Linux or if they need to be recompiled first. The guy who wrote the C++ code things the code will have to be recompiled, but my confidence in him is rather low so we'll just see what happens.

Well time to head out for my run while the sun is still above the horizon and the temperature is nice for early in September.

After I got the networking on Lizzy the Linux box working yesterday, the performance of KDE went down the tubes. I have no idea what I had done to make the performance deteriorate so I did a fresh install of Linux this evening. Everything appears to be working properly now. 


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Wednesday September 06, 2000

If this layout for Wednesday does not look right it is because I am doing a test update from work. I used ftp to grab a copy of the current weeks page off the server and am using Notepad to edit it.

Hey it worked! Now to test it under Netscape in Linux to see if I broke anything. Then back to work.

Evening post: My dental appointment went longer than I expected, thus I never made it back to work this afternoon. I phoned work and left messages that if they need me that I can reached at home. Half of my work for the day was reading through info on the net and I can do that just as easily at home as in the office. What I have been working on is trying to learn how to setup the Novell NFS gateway to connect to my Linux machine. Just looking at the current setup for SCO Unix doesn't really help as there are things which need to be configured on the Linux end to make things work. Then there is the documentation which says do A then B to accomplish C. But there is no info on how to accomplish A, but there is for B, so I can't reach point C.

I learned something new and neat in KDE today. The file I wanted to open was not associated with an application so when I clicked on it I was asked what application I wanted to open the file with. I clicked on the browse button and saw the list of headings I would see if I click on the K on the task bar. I then navigated to the editors heading under which I found Text Editor. Clicked on it and my file was opened. I like this not having to hunt for the actual application file to create a file association. ( if there are minor errors in this description of what I did it is because I am writing this by memory and don't have time to run down to the pit and verify everything on the Linux box. )

Started reading "Linux Installation and Getting Started" by Matt.Welsh tonight. Even though for work I need to learn some of the more advanced networking and file system features of Linux I am starting at the the beginning. I need to be able to crawl comfortably before I try to walk. So I figure if by day I work on the advanced stuff for my project at work I can by night try and fill in the blanks by starting at square one. I likely will end up covering some material twice this way, but I also should end up knowing a whole lot more too.



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Thursday September 07, 2000

Tied to get out the door a few minutes earlier today to see if the traffic would be a little lighter. Traffic was about the same and I continue having a hard time rolling out of bed before the sun rises.

Started looking through the instructions for setting up the Novell NFS gateway for SCO today. Once again there is mention of an exports file, but this time it says that the file will be on the Novell server not the Unix server. I cannot find an exports file but I did find an imports file. A quick peek at it and I have hit pay dirt. A quick edit of the imports file and my Linux volume shows up as a NFS Gateway Volume in Unicon but I can't mount the volume. At least I am now one step closer, no thanks to the documentation.

It is barely past lunch but my head already feels like it is ready to explode. Two good hours this morning working on the NFS gateway, but I now I think I may see the light at the end of the tunnel. I believe I have everything ready at the Novell end so that when I have things working on the Linux end, I will be able to mount a directory on the Linux machine as a volume under Novell.

Read, then read again has been the motto of the day. Then try and try again. I start to see light at the end of the tunnel. Now if I can just get NFS server running on the Linux box, I should then be able to mount the directory I am exporting to the Novell NFS gateway.

Revenue Canada FINALLY finished reviewing my 1998 tax return again and sent me a cheque. I'll have to check my records, but if my memory serves me I did not get as much back as the accountant calculated. But at least I got money back instead of the wad of cash they have been trying to pry out of my hands. Now do I do the smart thing and take the refund cheque plus some savings and put it towards the mortgage, or go by a nice toy like say a new printer?

Well the evening is quickly vanishing. I got in my run, some more reading on Linux, and now need to make a quick run to the bank and then call it a night. Is it really Friday tomorrow already? There must be an error in timekeeping some where, a 24 hour day just doesn't seem to be long enough at times.


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Friday September 08, 2000

Another work week has come to an end. Odd morning with little things going wrong all over the place which had me going in 20 different directions at once.

Not much of anything to report on so this will be a rather short and uninformative post. TTFN.


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Saturday September 09, 2000

Morning post: Morning all. The sun is brightly shining in through the window, the temperature is 6C. The plan for the morning is to put my new Cat Stevens CD on the stereo and get some reading on Linux done. 

11:something AM Got my reading done. I like putting on a CD to play while I read as a kind of meter on how long I have been reading. Sometimes if the material is very technical I find that 15 minutes of reading feels like an hour and I stop. With a CD playing in the background I know that if the disk hasn't changed ( I have a 5 CD player ) that I haven't put enough time in. Then there are times like today where the Cat Stevens CD is quite long and I get tired before the whole disk has played.

Well time to do some chores and play with Linux. I want to try some of the things I have been reading about plus need to do some research and testing on NFS for work.

Evening post: I reconfigured my Seti software which has made a big difference in time it takes to process a data set. Under the default settings it took approx. 40 hours for a data set to be processed. Under the new configuration I am down to roughly 11 hours to process a data set.

Put in several hours this afternoon working on the Linux box. I wrote up some notes in Netscape under Linux but managed to lose them. I also managed to lose my Ethernet card once but was able to get it working again by using coastool at the command line. I like it when I can not only break but am getting to where I can fix things.

I seem to have broke my Novell network and I haven't even done anything to it. I had to reboot my PC and then was unable to login to the network again. I tried a few things but in the end I just did a reinstall on the main server as it has all my data. An hour later I was logged back on and accessing my data again. Not sure yet if I will be able to just merge the NDS tree on my other test servers with the new tree I created tonight. No real loss if I can't. I guess I'll have an opportunity to try. I think if I can get bindery connection to my Netware 4.11 server I can use a command line utility to try and fix things.


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Sunday September 10, 2000

Morning post: Morning club run number three now in the books. Sure is nice to have a good reason to get mobile on a Sunday morning. Today the guy who is going to coach the next 10K class hung off the back and ran with me. Was nice to have someone to chat with during my 10K run. Only took us an hour which is probably almost double the time he would cover 10K in on his own.

Time now to make a music selection and get some more reading done.

Evening post: Another chapter of reading under my belt and some more understanding of Linux installs and partitioning of the hard drive. Otherwise a very unremarkable afternoon and evening. 

When I put the garbage out the back door my friendly neighbourhood rabbit was sitting out side my door. I stood their watching it and it seemed to be paying no mind to me at all. So I left the door open and stepped inside to grab my camera. Unfortunately the rabbit was gone when I returned with my camera.

Downloaded and burned a CD of eServer 2.3. I am stalled in getting NFS running on eDesktop though I am sure it is possible. I used Partition Magic to resize partitions on Lizzy so I can try and install eServer and hopefully have a multiboot machine when I am done.

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