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Monday July 31, 2000 

Another fine day at work. Today was the first day that it was just myself and the other new support person on the job. Last Friday was the last day on the job for person my co-worker replaced. We're on our own now and have to run things on our own.

Remote communications for the sales people is under control, as we have proved that they can dial in but are having authentication problems. A procedural fix has been communicated to the few affected people. Never would have figured it out if it weren't for a sales person coming into the office today and me having a chance to see what was happening. Turns out that the sales laptops are configured differently from the unit I have been using for testing, which explains why I could not duplicate the problem. 

Stood out on the front porch watching the weather roll in tonight. Dark clouds, lots of lighting, some thunder and a little rain thrown in for good measure. Started out as a dust storm, with the wind blowing in from the west across the dry fields. Then the wind died some, changed direction, picked up again and brought with it some rain. The news reports golf ball sized hail, luckily none of it here, yet!


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Tuesday August 1, 2000

The printer from Hades which I thought I had reconfigured has been rather flakey, but I have it beat for sure now and also figured out what has been going on. It seems that when the Jetdirect card tries to logon to the network, if the bindery context does not state the context in which the print queue object is in first, it uses the first context it finds and creates a print queue object for its self. The fix was to reorder the context statement, then reconfigure the printer one more time. After a printer reset the printer has been working reliably all day.

The rest of my day was dealing with some desktop issues, and drying to find a missing CD I need for a Laptop I have been setting up for a sales person.


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Wednesday August 2, 2000

Created a standard today for naming print objects in NDS, as the current names are all over the place. Then created new print server, printer and queue objects for the production department printers and got rid of the old objects. So far only three people have asked for help after my changes, which adds credibility to my belief that we have more printers than we need. 

One of those printers is a big Epson DFX-8000 dot matrix printer. I hate dot matrix printers and this printer just added to my hate. During the testing faze of setting up the printing the printer jammed. Well about an hour later and lots of black ink all over my hands the printer was un-jammed and working again. Five minutes of hand scrubbing with what they say is soap still leaves me with bluish finger tips.

None of the printing equipment is labeled in this environment so when I go to work on a printer I have no idea of its name, or what department it belongs to. Today I had to make some educated guesses and send of a few test print jobs so I could figure out which printer was which so I could work on the appropriate print object in NDS. As a result as I go along moving print services to the new server, I have been putting temporary name tags on all the printers and external print servers. When I am done this project I am going to print up some nice labels for all the equipment .


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Thursday August 3, 2000

There has been an outstanding request for a list detailing who is a member of the many email distribution lists. All the groups are in NDS so I used the nlist command to produce a list of the members of each of the mail groups and write the results to a text file. Each group membership list is written to an individual text file. Then all the text files are copied to one file to create a single file listing the groups and their contents.

The hardest part of the project was figuring out the syntax called for using "member" not "members" which is how NWadmin lists it. I ended up solving the syntax error by doing a search on the Novell knowledge base.

I was surprised to only have one error to fix after tying out the batch file to run nlist for 38 groups. I made one typo, and I had expected to get the context wrong at least once but didn't. Must be my lucky day!

Got some paper work done for repairs which where done, and have eyed my next target for print services to be moved.

Now my running shoes are calling, so I had better go get my road work done.


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Friday August 4, 2000

Howie Mandel on the speeches at the Republican Convention "...those aren't their words. I think they downloaded them from Napster."

Targeted another pair of printers to work on today. The migration went smoothly, but I am getting into the territory of users who are still running legacy DOS apps, under DOS and Windows 3.1, till we rollout the BAAN system shortly. The last time I think I worked with Novell menus running on a PC was in a class years ago. Made backups of the mnu files, then edit then to reflect the printing changes. The editing is easy, it is keeping the relationship between the old and new print queue names straight in my head, which is a mind bender. So I started to make a cross reference for old and new print objects to use when I have to edit login scripts or menus.

The good thing about having to visit all these desktops is I am getting to meet more people, seeing what they do, and see what parts of the network they access.

I am slowly getting very tired of using Windows 98 at work. I need to commit some time to finding the install media for a few utilities so I can install them on the Windows NT install on my dual boot PC. 


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Saturday August 5, 2000

I have guests coming over so today is going to be a cleaning day. Also suppose to be getting a quote to get my siding fixed. I am a little concerned about the siding as I have yet to find a supplier for the siding. I am hoping that the siding people can help me track down materials.


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Sunday August 6, 2000

Off camping.

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