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Monday July 24, 2000 

I wanted to use the new NetWare links I put on my bookmarks page while at work today, but could not get to my own web page this morning. I tried a few more times through the business day with no luck. Bummer! It is times like this that I wish I had my site hosted by someone other than Shaw or was doing my own hosting.

The consultant was in to upgrade the mirrored drives in the NT server. Does not look like rocket science to me! The hardware does all the work. The only real work to be done is to do some reassigning of drive letters, which required making sure some of the services running were shut down first.

Some projects just require a second set of eyes to bring a fresh approach. In this case a project which has been on the books for ages. The project is to make an image of the hard drive in the computer for frame nailing mackinaw out on the production line. Instead of guessing what NIC is in the computer, and reading inadequate documentation I suggested checking what adapter Windows NT reports. Armed with the knowledge that it is and Intel NIC I downloaded the DOS driver off the web. I copied the driver onto my multi NIC boot disk, added a new item to the menu, and added a few lines of code to the autoexec.bat file. I headed out on the shop floor with my boot disk in hand, put it in the floppy drive, and rebooted the PC. When the PC booted off my boot disk, I selected item 4 from the menu and was attached to the network. I logged on to the network, ran Ghost and created an image of the hard drive.

Time for a break from computers, and reacquaint myself with my lawn mower.


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Tuesday July 25, 2000

Had a server crash while I was working on it today. What happened was that Arcserve had hung on one of the backups and needed to shut down. Unfortunately the shut down process took the server down with it. This did not impress me at all, but the good thing is that this was on the development server not the main server so only a few of the developers were affected.

Found out today that the PCs that run the CNC equipment require a backup plan I case of disaster. Most of these PCs run DOS with only one that I am aware of running Windows NT. My first thought is to use Ghost to create disk images for these PCs. the problem is administrating this. I could make custom boot disks to do the job. I need to think on this a while longer. 


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Wednesday July 26, 2000

Today was one of those days when work is more like play, and having to go home is like being sent to detention. The fun was installing NetWare 5 and adding it to the existing NDS tree. Once I got all the drivers sorted out the install went smoothly except for a typo in the server name. Changing the server name in the autoexec.ncf and rebooting the server corrected the server name and it accompanying NDS object, but I had to manually delete and recreate the NDS objects for the server volumes. Best to get these corrections done right away before any rights get assigned.

Next was getting a handle on the printing setup so I can move all the print services onto the new NetWare 5 server. This also gives me the opportunity to fix some of the minor mistakes in the current setup for the print queues. The biggest mistake is that all the queues I have looked at so far write their temp files to the sys volume which is not good. If the temp files fill up the sys volume the server will abend.

All the printers use either internal or external print servers which logon to the network. Now I have to figure out how to specify which server they logon to. The Jetadmin utility for the HP print servers shows me which Novell server the print server attaches to, but I have yet to find a way to specify the Novell server to be used. The other printers use D-Link external print servers which from playing with the administration utility some this afternoon, I believe I can get the print servers to logon to the new NetWare 5 server.


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Thursday July 27, 2000

Another interesting day at work. First thing this morning the sales people could not not authenticate to the network when they dialed in to upload there orders into the scheduling system. Based on past experience they said that the new server I installed was causing problems. I couldn't see how but had to down it to move it into the server room where it is to live. Well sure enough when the NetWare 5 server was down the sales people could dial in and get a connection to the server. I went through the bindings and found one on the new server which was missing the leading zeroes in the IPX network number for one frame type. I am no expert on IPX and network numbering, but there were no more problems after I made the change.

Spent the rest of the day working on reconfiguring printing services. Left one problem back at work which was a HP 5 LaserJet printer with an internal Jetdirect printer server which refuses to be reconfigured. Things were looking better when I went out the door at 7 pm, as the printer was only showing up once instead of twice in the Jetadmin utility.

Home late, cooked up some soup, with pasta and vegetables. A hot meal was nice after a long day at the office. Just enough time to get in a good run then it time for 40 winks. 



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Friday July 28, 2000

A so so day on the productivity front. After much fiddling and banging my head against the wall, the printer I mentioned yesterday which did not what to be reconfigured is now reconfigured. I swapped the Jetdirect card out with a spare one, and got the same results. Then read the fine print and found out that this model of Jetdirect card makes a bindery connection, and not via NDS. I made a change to the bindery context on the Netware 5 server and was able to get the printer working, after more head banging.

Remote communications still continue to be a problem but, my boss and I are near to agreeing that the problem is not at our end but with the PCs being used to dial in. There is a road trip for someone in the future I think, to go out and fix the PCs..

The problem with backing up the Oracle database is near to being solved. By checking on the error message in the event log and looking at some documentation I dug up off the web it, looks like activating the archive log will allow the Oracle Agent to do it's job, and backup the database while it is in use. Only a few days remain to deal with this problem before the database goes live.


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Saturday July 29, 2000

Finally got my internet connection working again this morning. This is the second time in three days that I have had my connection go down for no apparent reason. My Linux router is running, the modem lites are all lit up and there have been no power failures. Maybe Shaw is doing stuff at their end. Anyways after several resets of router and modem I have things running again.

I have some NDS research I want to do today to figure out why at work there are times when I logon that it takes several minutes at times for my access rights to directories or files become effective some times.

Now off to do some chores and go see the dentist after lunch. I'll likely post something more later in the day. Till then TTFN.

Update: Back from the dentist and start searching for information on the Novell web site where I find on the CNENet an offer for a "Technical Resource CD, complete with Caldera's OpenLinux™ eServer and Novell's NDS eDirectory for Linux". Only problem is that the offer registration form fails to allow me to submit my information. No to be put off I tried again a few hours later and my registration form was processed.

I already have a copy of NDS eDirectory for Linux, but hope that this package will have some good info on implementing NDS on Linux. 


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Sunday July 30, 2000

If you recall I had tried to reinstall NetWare 5 and have the server (Brain) join the NDS tree running on Pinky the NetWare 4.11 server, only to have it fail due to not being able to bind IPX tot he Netgear NIC in Brain. Well not to be put off, I installed a 3Com ISA NIC and every thing worked. So Now I have Netware 4.11 and NetWare 5.0 running together in the same NDS tree. 

The thumbnail on the left is a shot of NWadmin showing the NDS tree, with both servers and their volume objects listed under the "lab" Organizational Unit. The thumbnail image on the right is from NDSmanager showing the master and read/write replicas for NDS, and how the master replica is located on Pinky and a read/write on Brain.

wpe5.gif (12756 bytes)             wpe8.gif (13275 bytes)

Rescheduled my usual Sunday evening run to late afternoon. It was hot, not much wind, plus I increased my run by 10 percent. The added distance did not bother me, but the heat did its part to make me suffer. Lucky for me there is a water tap and shade at the side of the house, so when I was done I was able to get out of the sun and have a cool drink. I also now recall why I have been running in the evening, the cooler evening weather suits me better.

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