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Monday June 26, 2000

Read a good article on job references today. Nothing new or earth shattering in it just a good reminder of what to do and not do. The article is here. The big thing that I see as important is to try and get a written reference before you move on. I now see that I should have done this with a few people, as many of my references have moved on and I can no longer locate them. If I had a letter of reference, I would still have that person as a reference.

No rain today for a change, so at dusk I went for a hike around the neighbourhood to checkout the new house construction. The southern boundary is starting to move slowly father away towards the river. This is going make some people sad as the lovely views they have enjoyed are going to be blocked my the new homes now under construction.

Only three more planned days of cycling to work which will be Wednesday thru Friday this week. My final three days with Telus next week I am going to take the bus so I can use up the last of my bus tickets.


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Tuesday June 27, 2000

Another lovely evening for a walk. Should have taken my camera with me so I could take a few shots of the sunset which was rather striking.

Today was what should be my last day at the advertising services building. Follow this link to see a web cam shot of down town Calgary from the advertising services building. The page also has links to other web cams. The camera at Sunshine Village shows how much snow is still in the mountains.


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Wednesday June 28, 2000

I'm a little wet around the gills now after a nice refreshing walk in the rain. Seems that my bike commute was not enough exercise today, plus the rain was just beckoning to me to come out and play. So I pulled on an old pair of hiking boots, a wind breaker and a ball cap, and set out into the rain for a stroll. I also got the added bonus of seeing the end on the rainbow. On my way home from work I saw a deer grazing by the side of the road. Seems like it has been a kind of back to nature kind of a day.

Well it seems I got distracted while writing my post last might and never published it. So much for my multi tasking abilities! Now that I think back, what happened is that an email came in from a friend which I just had to read. Needless to say the email completely changed the direction my thoughts were going and I never got back to work in FrontPage. What you don't want stories, or you think I made that lame excuse up. Well it's my story and I'm sticking to it!

Damn it feels like a Thursday, but when I put the symbolic X on my calendar today, I saw that it is only Wednesday. Oh well! The long weekend will be here soon enough, which will lead me up to my final three days as a contractor. There are only 5 more, yes you read right, only 5 whole work days left in my contract.

Killed most of the afternoon getting a users Windows 2000 profile straightened out and getting a Palm Vx setup and syncing with Outlook 2000. After multiple installs of Palm Desktop 3.1 to get things going, all was well. I wish I could spend a day with a Palm Pilot and the sync software so I could do a better job of supporting it. As it is I only get to learn more about these products when I actually get a chance to work with them for a client which does not happen very often.

Well it seems that now that I have been diligent and got everything ready to post, FrontPage can't talk to Shaw's web server. In fact the only thing working right now is email. I'll try again later.


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Thursday June 29, 2000

Yesterday felt like Thursday, today, which is Thursday, feels like a Thursday. All which leads up to this week not wanting to end. This is all typical for the days after you give notice at work, and time starts to stand still. The office is rather quiet even after the announcement that the department head has given his two weeks notice. Then I find out that my co-worker has been hoarding work by not having people put requests through proper channels and instead having them call him direct. So while I sit at my desk melting as the air conditioning fails to work for the 2nd week in a row, he is in over his head with work. This is not a new thing, I have seen him do this before. And once again he pawns work off on me to get himself out the mess he has created.

Now I have one PC to upgrade to Windows 2000 and another to setup in a dual boot configuration. Luckily they are both located in an area where the air conditioning is working, so I can have a break from the heat.

If you are looking for places where you can buy things online in Canada check out 

Took my camera with me on my walk tonight. Set the camera to take the highest quality pictures it can. I found that this makes for large file sizes ( no surprises there ), long downloads to my PC, but the quality is very good if I wanted to print them out on a high quality colour printer. The following are samples I have reduced in quality, so it shouldn't take too long for those of you on dialup to download them. If you click on either of the images you will get a larger image to look at.

bison01.gif (237627 bytes)          ravine01.gif (233572 bytes)

The first picture is of a statue of a Bison that is on the bike path along the ravine in the second picture. No too many city folk have scenery like that in their neighbourhood. 


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Friday June 30, 2000

This morning I had to drop off my truck for a front-end alignment. So I threw my bike in the back and headed out. This gave me the opportunity to take a different route to work. At one point I was on the road alone going down a long hill at a good clip. The road surface was good so I took my hands off the handle bars and sat up. I was merrily enjoying relaxing as I sped down the hill till I think I shifted my weight back a hair and then the handle bars started to shake as the front wheel got too light and shimmied like a bandit. Like an idiot I sat there for what seemed like a very long time watching my handle bars shake while thinking this is not good. I then leaded forward and laid my hands on the handle bars and all was well again, though things could have gotten rather ugly.

At last this work week is over. It seemed for awhile there that it would never end. Next week could be the same, but fortunately I only have to work three days. Hopefully not three slow long painful days.


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Saturday July 1, 2000

Canada Day came in with a bang. I awoke at 4 AM to heavy rain showers and thunder. I checked the windows to make sure no rain was coming in, then tried to get some more sleep.


I received my tape drive Thursday, so I have been working at cleaning up and consolidating all my data onto my server. Lots of duplicates of files, and/or files which are superceded my a newer revision. I have managed to cut about half of the garbage out, so now things are in reasonable shape to back the whole works up on tape.

Got the tape drive installed but not with out some issues. For a start the mounting brackets which came with the drive only allow me to put in one screw per side on the drive. I tried another set of brackets I found among all my miscellaneous stuff. These brackets went on the drive nicely, but would not allow me to set the drive in the case at the correct depth. In the end I jury rigged the original brackets to fit. With access to a vise and a drill I could have made things much nicer. Then the face plate does not fit my case. Seems either the openings in my case are too big or the face plate is too small. Later I will try to use some tape or a dab of glue to hold the face plate in place.

Once the drive was installed I fired up the server, and Novell 5.0 detected the drive right away and installed the correct drivers and added the loading instructions for the drivers to the Startup.NCF file.

A little research turns up that sbcon.nlm is the storage management console which comes with NetWare 5.0. So at the console I typed load sbcon, but sbcon would not load cause it cannot find a particular configuration file. I found that sbcon cannot create the file itself cause the path to the file does not exist. I manually created the missing directory and then I was able to successfully load sbcon.

Something is not quite right as sbcon does not see that there is a tape drive available. I cannot see where there is a problem so for a start I am going to apply the latest NetWare patch to see if maybe a more current driver will provide a solution. It is times like this that my cable modem pays for itself. I can download the 100+ Mb patch in under half an hour and get on with my job.

Better make that double thankful for the cable modem. The first patch I downloaded was corrupt, thus it could not be uncompressed.  Chose a different source server for the patch and started the download all over again. Looks like the download is going to be about 45 minutes, so best I find something to do in the mean time.


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Sunday July 2, 2000

Ouch! My neck is killing me. Awoke this morning with a very stiff and sore neck. Been doing some stretches which is helping some, but still nearly have to rotate my whole body if I want turn and look at something out of my line of  site.

I lost track last night of how many times and places I downloaded the NetWare 5.0 patch I wanted. In the end I was successful in getting a non corrupt version and uncompress it. Sometime today I will apply it and see if the new tape drive drivers help me out at all.

Time now to go work this kink out of my neck.

Update: I applied

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