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Monday June 19, 2000

People may belly ache about the FTP client in FrontPage 2000 but by and large I have had no problems with it. Last night is a case in point. FrontPage seemed to be taking an awful long time to connect to the web server and publish my updates. Thinking that FrontPage was not going to get the job done I fired up LeachFTP and gave it a go. LeachFTP could authenticate to the web server and list the files and directories at the root, but nothing any deeper down the tree which was of no use to me. I gave FrontPage another go, along with a bit more patience and my update was done. Score one for FrontPage FTP publishing.

Had a good 2nd interview today and should know later in the week if I got the job. I think I am a good fit for the company, and they for me. My fingers and toes are crossed while I wait for some good news. Lots of variety in this job, plus some project work, and likely a chance to implement some standards and better management of software and hardware.

More rain today, but I lucked out when I stepped out at dusk for a walk. Only a few drops fell while I was out so I stayed dry.



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Tuesday June 20, 2000

I have sand everywhere. In my hair, my ears,... use your imagination. I got covered in sand playing beach volleyball at a sports bar with people from work. Management took us out for supper and drinks. Good clean dirty fun.

The people I interviewed with on Monday have left me a message asking for a list of references. So it looks like I may have made it to the final cut. Now If I can just deal with a minor reference problem. I emailed my reference list to the supplied address then started to try and contact my references just to give them a heads up. Well my email bounced for one of them. Looks like my references have been moving around job wise. I keep losing references lately cause people have moved on and I can't track them down. I might have to do some damage control in the morning since one of the references I gave doesn't seem to be where he used to be. Just my luck his name is on the top of the list too.


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Wednesday June 21, 2000

First thing I did when I got to work this morning was to try and call the reference I had tried to email last night without success. The girl at the reception desk could not find him in the employee list, so it seems that he has moved to a new job, or relocated within the business. Then I called the HR person to apologize for the name on the reference list I provided her, which she will not be able to reach. She is happy as long as she can reach the other two people, and I have confirmation that she did talk to one of them.

Looks like my manager is in Calgary for more than just the company dinner we had last night. I picked up a few snippets of information around the office today, which when put together ad up to her interviewing my replacement. Which begs the question of whether they are lining up someone for after I am gone, going to bring them on for training while I am here, or push me out the door and bring the new person in. Hopefully I can beat them to the punch by landing this new job and giving my two weeks notice.

Spent most of the day just spinning my wheels. Quiet day at work for the whole office, only made worse by me impatiently waiting for the phone to ring. Which is made worse by my constantly checking my voice mail constantly, when I know from experience that the HR lady makes her calls after 4 PM.

Chores to do tonight, but the time to do them was cut short by my 15 minute nap lasting 2 hours. Good thing there is lots of daylight at this time of year, I needed it today. Setup my bicycle work stand and all my cleaning gear in the back yard and gave my bike a quick hand wash and cleaned and lubed the drive train. 

More dishes and laundry await, so I had better finish up this post and get to get some more work done. Also the pile of books to be read is calling for attention as I have been ignoring them as of late. 


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Thursday June 22, 2000

Another slooooow day at work. But that's OK since just got offered a job which I happily accepted. Boy Oh Boy am I a happy camper today. Notice has been given, start date confirmed. July 6th will be my last day with Telus, and the 10th will be my first day at the new job. Now a permanent grin has affixed itself to my face. No more contract work, so my earning potential is not limited by the fees an agency charges on top of my rate. I will be a permanent salaried employee with benefits after 6 months. Have to get used to not getting paid weekly ( the new job pays bi monthly ), but I am sure I can adapt.

There have been times that I wondered if jumping contract to contract was not a good thing. This has been laid to rest as some of the experience I have gained from these contracts is what my new employer liked to see.

My nephew emailed me asking what to me are simple computer questions. I thought why not turn this into a learning experience for him. So I pointed him to to do some searching for answers. I also suggested that he try to search for information on the game he wants to buy. This way he learns how to use the web to find answers, and I don't end up doing the work for him.


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Friday June 23, 2000

Thanks to all of you who sent me notes of congratulations in regards to my new job. And of course some of you want details. Ok the company is Gienow, and I will be doing primarily desktop support ( hardware and software ) for 200+ users locally and for the remote offices which connect via dialup. The environment is a mix of Windows 95/98/NT on the desktop, and the backend is mainly NetWare ( yea ), with some NT and Unix added to the mix. I will also be a part of the day to day operation of the LAN, and take part in IT projects. There are many projects are on the go and others are not yet out of the gate. The projects range from standardizing the desktop environment, changing the email system to a new product yet to be determined, moving the printing services to off the current box and onto a new server, and on and on and on. The company is small enough that I will get to have a part in many of the projects, some will become my projects, I will assist with others, and will be able to at least spy on the other projects. I will not likely lack for things to do, or new things to learn. The joys of a small to medium sized company that embraces technology and what it can do for the business.

The following is a picture I took from my back door last night. You should see two rainbows. One on each end of the house on the right. I have never seen anything like it, so I took a picture. Just click on the image to see a larger view.


rainbows.gif (162974 bytes)



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Saturday June 24, 2000

Good day to be a duck. It was raining when I got up this morning, raining when I went to the store at noon, and still raining now at mid afternoon. At least it is starting to warm up a little bit so it is bearable to but on a jacket and get out side for a while.

Finally broke down and ordered a tape backup drive today. Found a reasonablely priced Seagate Travan 20 gig drive which is NetWare compatible at When I get the drive and put it into my server, I will then be able to backup NDS, my GroupWise databases, and all my data which I have started to migrate off my workstations and onto my server. I will then be in situation where if I break things beyond my ability to repair NDS or GroupWise, I will be able to restore things to a working state.



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Sunday June 25, 2000

The day started off rather nice but rain moved in after lunch. One big thunder boomer went off which rattled the dishes in my kitchen and set off the neighbours car alarm. Then the power went out causing me to lose the email I had been working on, and knocking out my internet connection.

Interesting remarks from Rick Boatright about the rainbow picture I posted the other day.

first, congratulations on the job.

Second, It wasnt' exactly two rainbows. It was a _double_ rainbow.

Note that the colors are inverted and the "outside" bow is dimmer.

Not wanting to spoil the wonder, for me, knowing enhances, The inner bow (called the 42 degree bow 'cause it's 42 degrees out from the anti-solar point) is caused by the light bouncing inside each droplet once before exiting.

The outer bow is a two bouncer at 50 degrees, and is cause by a different angle of entry and exit.

It's dimmer 'cause more of the light gets absorbed by the water......


For a great diagram see 


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