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Monday April 17, 2000

I could not save the new web page for next week cause I have ran out of disk space. I deleted a few downloads to create the needed space. I really hate not having a production server to store data, downloads, etc on so I don't have to go through these contortions every few weeks. Hopefully when I get through with my taxes and my current studies I will be able to rectify this situation. I have been storing everything on my production PC lately which does not even provide me with 2 Gig of data storage.

Booked my exam for Friday the 28th first thing in the morning. Nice being able to book a time and exam seat via the web. Looks like there are seats available on earlier dates so I can move my exam time if I feel like it. 

A major clean-up and collection of old hardware was done on Friday at work. All the hardware was piled up in a board room. Today I spend most of the day packaging up old monitors, printers, and computers and shipping them to Edmonton for disposal.



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Tuesday April 18, 2000

Found and interesting job posted on the web and applied for it. I think they are looking for a more senior person than myself, so I had to work on my cover letter to present myself in such a way that I might get some consideration. I didn't lie or anything like that, I just presented myself in the best possible light. I am no salesman but I am motivated to getting myself a better job, so I have to learn to be a salesman, and sell myself ( hey don't go there ) and my skills as best I can. Amazing how it can take half an evening to write a few sentences to introduce myself to a prospective employer in such away that he/she would want to meet me and discuss a position that I feel is a bit of a stretch for me. But if I don't reach for that next rung on the ladder, I will be stuck where I am forever, and I can't let that happen. 


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Wednesday April 19, 2000

Life at work is like a tree full of monkeys, all on different limbs at different levels... 

Some monkeys are climbing up and some down.

The monkeys on top look down and see a tree full of smiling faces.

The monkeys on the bottom look up and see nothing but assholes.

When I ran across the preceding note I was in a funky mood and it struck me much differently than it does now as I paste it into today's post. I fact it doesn't even seem funny or smart now, maybe even a little dumb. Oh well, I choose to share it any ways.

I went to the Novell Users Group meeting today. A presentation was done on a new certification, Certified Directory Engineer and also we took a look at Zenworks 2.0. The interesting thing about the Certified Directory Engineer program is that it focuses on Netware Directory Services on all platforms not just Netware. The certification program is made up of 2 courses and three exams. There are three exams because you take two traditional exams then a live exam where you dial into a test network in which Directory Services will be broken and you must make repairs in the allotted 2 hours. I think this is a good approach since the exam taker must show not only that they know the product, but that they can actually work with it and fix it when it is not working properly.


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Thursday April 20, 2000

Today is the last workday this week due to tomorrow being a holiday. This is a good thing for my mental state, but not my pocket book. I know grunt work needs to be done, but that is all I seem to do. This week the level of grunt work has gone to the very bottom with me hauling garbage down to the loading dock. On Monday I was actually sorting recyclable goods into appropriate bins. How being a garbage man relates to my job which is suppose to be desktop support I don't know. All I do know is it is doing wonders for my state of mind and my fuse is getting short, hopefully I can get through the day before I get to the end of my fuse.


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Friday April 21, 2000

Well I managed to get through yesterday without getting to the end of my fuse. This morning is an all new day and a new attitude. Amazing what a good meal and a full 8 hours of sleep can do for a person.

More later after I get some studies done and have a bite to eat.

I'm back, and so far it has been a stellar day. Lets see what's happened so far in no particular order. I finally sat down an setup network printing after connecting my Canon Inkjet to the Novell server. Not quite as simple with Netware 5 as with previous versions, but I managed to get it working none the less. I also had good success with another round of practice exam questions, and researched more detailed information for some of the items on my test objectives list.

Even thought the temperature was only 10 C this morning, the sun was warm enough that shorts and sandals were appropriate when I went for a stroll and picked up the Friday paper.

Time for a change of pace by heading out for a bike ride. I has been about two weeks since my last ride. Till recently the weather has not been very co-operative, and now that the weather has changed it is time I got out and enjoyed it.



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Saturday April 22, 2000

Where the heck has the day gone. Seems there is some truth to time flying when you are having fun.

Spent most of the day getting into more of the nitty gritty stuff in regards to Netware 5. Mostly beyond the scope of my upcoming exam, but not a waste by any means. The more I know and understand the product, the better.

The network printing I setup yesterday is not working properly, but I am very sure the problem is not Netware, but my printer. I am slowly remembering why I have not been using network printing with this particular printer, and that is because it doesn't like to play nice. I seem to recollect that it did not like running off a NT Server either. It has not always liked to work very well as a local printer either. If I have time I am going to play with some hardware settings to see if I can sort things out. I like having a networked printer, as it is nice being able to print from any of my PCs.


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Sunday April 23, 2000

Why am I still up and not in bed like a smart person. I just finished my Saturday post and thought it was time to call it a night, but the bloody server to my right keeps taunting me with cat calls. I want to play, but I also know that if I don't get some sleep I'll end up losing productive hours to a Sunday afternoon nap. Sorry server I am not going to give into your jibes, and am going to go have a nice long visit with my pillow. 

Mid afternoon - Not only is my internal clock not keeping time, but my internal calendar says today is Monday despite the evidence to the contrary. Thus I don't know if I am coming or going, and having a bit of trouble getting any work done. Having to fight the urge to lay down and close my eyes for a while, cause I fear it will only make things worse.

Finally got around to making the mouse work on my Novell server. When I hooked up my server to my KVM switch box the mouse failed to work. I have been living without it since I have not been using the Java GUI on the server which is the only place a mouse is of any value. I double checked the cable connections and ran Vesa_Rsp ( the underscore is a part of the command ) to detect the video and mouse. The mouse was detected right away, with no reboot required. Now if only getting the printing gateway to connect to my printer was so easy.

I think I finally have everything I need entered in the Autoexec.ncf file on the server so that all the services I want loaded if I ever have to reboot will be started. As you Linux users know, there is nothing like setting up a configuration change and not adding the change to the appropriate config file to mess things up when that unexpected reboot has to be done. Then you have to remember how to setup things again. Nice thing about config files, they are a nice way of documenting your system if you make copies of them for safe storage. Now I am wondering if there is an optimum order things should be listed in the Autoexec.Ncf file so that the server comes up faster. Something to tackle after my exam on Friday.

I really should get out on my bike, but I think I have over done it a bit the past two days. On Friday I was close to a record time for me on my primary route, then yesterday it was very windy and despite still feeling the affects of Fridays ride, pushed the pace a bit. I think the prudent thing would be to grab a jacket and go for a hike.

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