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Monday April 3, 2000

This morning at work I finally figured that if they aren't going to provide me with enough work to keep me busy that I don't care if they don't approve of my studying on the job, I'm going to do it any ways. So I grabbed the test objectives for my exam off the net, copied them into a new Word document and started filling in the blanks. By doing this I was able to do something productive for most of the morning. 

The nice thing about daylight savings is that now I have more time for cycling after work, and can also sit out on the front porch and read after supper. 


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Tuesday April 04, 2000

Damn! it's late Monday night and I'm all wound up. I know I need to get some sleep, but I am just too wired. Good time to do a little writing and vent a little, which should help.

Someone once told me that sometimes you go through a few "quality jobs" before you get the one you want. The term "quality job" is for a job you hate, can't wait till you can leave it, but it looks darn fine on your resume. I keep trying to keep that thought when I get up in the morning as a motivator to get up and onto the bus. It counts double for motivation now that I find out that one or two of the fine IT people I work with love to bitch, complain, and talk about people behind their backs. From reading between the lines of what my co-worker tells me, I believe someone has been saying things about me. That's just fine with me, if they want to complain about me to their peers or supervisors. If I get questioned about my behavior and or work, I'll state my position, and they have the option of believing me, or watching me walk out the door. If they want to believe what is being said about me, and not my position, well I don't want anything to do with them. Strange how some people are not happy unless they have something to bitch about. Some cosmic karma bumble bee must have stung them in the ass when they were young and left the stinger in giving then a permanent sore ass, which they feel obliged to share with the world by being a pain in everyone's ass.

Sometimes I feel like I sound like one of those pain in the ass people I mention above, but I am not, honest. I just happen to find spouting off here very good for the spirit. 

Time to think good thoughts, count some sheep and get a few hours of shut eye.


Update: Well sleep did eventually come as did the alarm clock and the requirement to rise from my sleep induced stupor to shut the alarm off. Then out the door and off to work where I was handed a half dozen laptops which had to be checkout to make sure who ever set them up had them prepared correctly. Everyone of them required changes to the dialup settings to work with SecureID, and one was missing all but one administrative group as members of local administrator. Very simple but time consuming work.

I'm very tired and not sure if a bike ride is a good idea today or not. I think today will be my rest day away from the bike this week. 

Entered the last stage of my exam studies tonight by starting to do practice exams. As usual I bomb my first attempt. I have been through this enough times that I know that my first few trips through the practice exams stink. Then I start to get good results which is when I pickup the phone and book a time to write the real exam. The last time I wrote a certification exam was about a year ago, and bookings were hard to come by on short notice. I had better try and book an exam time for the end of the month later in the week.


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Wednesday April 5, 2000

Welcomed home from work by hail and thunder. Must be April in Calgary!

I am definitely in study mode. As I walked to catch the bus this morning, Novell commands where bouncing around in my head. Hopefully this keeps up for the next 2 - 3 weeks so I can put this exam behind me.

I have a strange study environment, that most teachers would dislike, but it works for me and that is what counts. I like to be very relaxed when studying so I setup a PC in my living room so I can sit in my recliner and be nice and comfortable while reading or doing a practice exam. I usually turn on the radio, play CDs or even have the TV run in the background.

While waiting for the hail to stop before going for a bike ride I started into a practice exam. Ended up doing two exams and not getting out on my bike. I need the exercise but missing the odd day to the weather and a good cause like getting more studies done is a fair trade in my books.


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Thursday April 6, 2000

I almost managed to forget about the moron who kept phoning me every few minutes last night. The first call played his answering machine back to me. The next was a claim of being a long lost friend, I ignored the next few then answered and told the bozo to quit calling. I gave up after that and he just took to leaving voice mail which was very blue in content. I have call display but just can't bother with calling the police to sign a complaint ( likely a large waste of my time ). Also he was doing something strange with the phone as the first few calls came from a business at a 416 area code and the last few were local calls. Too bad there wasn't a way to send a large jolt of electricity down the phone line and fry that stupid waste of skin.

I am starting to wonder if mother nature is toying with me. For the past three days as soon as I get home a weather system moves in with snow, rain or hail, which keeps me in doors and off my bike. 

Got a call today about a consulting job I interviewed for last month. I didn't get the job, which is OK as I was having doubts about whether it would be the right position for me.


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Friday April 7, 2000

Oops! I have been putting the wrong month on the dates for my posts all week.

I have several bookmarks to sites which have certification exam information. I tried to find out what type of exam format I have write later this month. Would be nice to know if it will be full length or adaptive. I have no preference, but I don't like surprises when I sit down to write an exam either. It doesn't help either that most of these sites are MCSE oriented and I am looking for info on a Novell exam. 

Found an exam review which from what it says, the exam doesn't stray to far from what other Novell exams I have written have been like. the report says that it is a traditional exam with 70 questions and a 95 minute time limit, with a pass mark of 644 out of 1000.


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Saturday April 8, 2000

Sick in bed.



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Sunday April 9, 2000

Still sick.


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