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Back at the 9 to 5 grind. Cracked open my Netware 5 book on the bus this morning so I could read the chapter on Netscape FastTrack Server. The chapter was a disappointment as it was very short and offered little in the way of information.

The Microsoft siphon continues. The second high level IT person in two months has left the Telus family and gone to work for Microsoft. Makes me wonder if this is what happens at most companies which are a part of Microsoft's early adopter program. A company does early adoption and training on products then looses key employees to Microsoft.

Been looking up the various bicycle clubs in Calgary on the web to find information on club rides etc.. Would be nice to have some group rides to go on instead of riding solo. The groups rides also provide some security if you break down physically or mechanically. Also been toying with the idea of taking up bicycle racing again. I did some track racing on the Calgary Velodrome last year and it was lots of fun. An occasional road race or criterium would be fun too, especially criteriums. There is apparently going to be regular Tuesday night criteriums starting in May. I'll have to check and see if I need a racing license to participate. But before I do any racing I need to get a lot more saddle time, and the thought of racing will help motivate me to put in the required saddle time.


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Novell has put on a new, more in you face, aggressive stance in marketing with Steve Adams at the marketing helm. Is it just rhetoric, and blowing smoke in customers faces or has Novell actually gotten it's marketing department under control. Time will tell if they finally have their act together. Check out the ZDNet story on day one of Brainshare here. 

Novell also has demonstrated ConsoleOne which is an administrative tool running on Linux. Novell Internet Messaging for Linux and Solaris will be available in the 2nd quarter 2000 and GroupWise for Linux and Solaris should be available by years end.



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With DoS attacks using unsecured PCs and servers as involuntary participants, it was inevitable that someone would develop security packages that can be built into cable model and DSL routers. ZDNet reports on such a product. If this this type of protection is added to all future networking hardware there will be definite improvements in the internet. The problem next to be addressed will be that the cable modems and routers currently in place will always be a possible week link if they cannot be flash upgraded by the user or vendor.

You have to love the internet sometime. I found an ad for a job opening in the Calgary Herald listings on The listing only provided a fax and a phone number. Phoning is a waste of time and I don't have a fax. I didnotice that the job is being placed through an international job recruiter - So I searched their site, found the position along with an online application process. A few key strokes later and my resume is off. 



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Very quiet day which leaves me with nothing to say. 



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I should have stayed in bed today. First off I was sure today was Saturday till the news announcer corrected me. Then when I get to work, it took a full hour for me to logon to the network. Looks like VirusScan was running full tilt in the background which was dragging my PC down big time. As soon as I disabled VirusScan my PC picked up and ran normally.

All this sitting around at work is causing my brain to atrophy. I am loosing my ability to think and becoming very lazy. All this is very ungood, I feel like I have forgotten most of what I knew/know about computers since I don't have to use my brain. Hopefully if I ever get a challenging job somewhere and that the damage being done at the moment is not permanent and that I can become a functioning computer geek again.

Ah! much better now that I have been out on my bike and sweated out all bad feelings that built up after a crumby day at work, or should I call that a day of chair warming at my place of employment. 

I received a letter from Novell yesterday stating that my subscription to the Novell CNE Product Link has ran out. With all the neat Linux stuff in the pipeline I had better renew my subscription so I can have copies of the all the new stuff that is coming out this year.


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Holy wind gusts Batman! Headwind all the way to the turn around point of my bike ride. Some of the wind gusts were so strong that they almost brought me to a dead stop. Then the ride home was in top gear and at times I couldn't pedal fast enough to make pedaling worth while.

Hard to believe that the first quarter of 2000 has gone by already. I can't really say time flies when your having fun, as it has not been particularly fun. I am starting to remedy this by daily getting out on my bike which always puts an smile on my face. Also trying to think of a new skill to add to my computing repertoire to see if it will help me in the job hunting part of my life. 

At one time I was a pretty good Paradox data base developer, but Paradox is not very big any more so I could take up Access development. Or I could go big time and look at SQL or Oracle database development and administration. Then there is Linux. If Novell does a good job of tying their products into Linux, I could transfer some of my Netware skill and knowledge into Linux management via NetWare tools which could be very useful as Linux moves more into the corporate environment. time to put some serious though to this subject.



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Want to be able to access my Novell server console remotely. When running the IPX protocol this is simple. Load RSPX at the server console then run rconsole from a DOS prompt on a workstation. Things change though when running a pure IP protocol network as I am. Under IP there are two options, one requires an migration agent and the other is java based. To run the java based remote console first RCONAG6 must be loaded on the server and a password and port for establishing the connection must be set. Then from a workstation run rconj.exe, enter the IP address of the server and the password that was entered when RCONAG6 was loaded. The Novell knowledge base says not to run Rconsolej ( rconj.exe ) from the initial release of Netware 5 unless your network is behind a firewall. The only explanation given is that it constitutes a security risk. I can only assume that since an IP port is used for the connection that the port is advertised as open, thus a hacker can detect it and use it as a way to gain access to your server.

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