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Studying & watching part two of the 10th Kingdom.



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At work there are several users I know of who are not fans of the way Explorer in Windows 2000 opens up and by default high lights My Documents. I found a fix of sorts for this, create a shortcut for explorer.exe and add /e after explorer.exe. This forces Explorer to open and select the local hard drive, which is much like Explorer behaves under Windows NT by default. More information on command-line switches for Explorer can be found here.

All the tele markers seem to have come out of the wood work today. The phone just keeps ringing. Since today is Feb 29 and Feb 29 only appears on the calendar every 4 years, if the tele marketers can stay with the program of only calling on the 29th of Feb, I will just be sure in the future to never answer the phone on February 29th.


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Wednesday may also go by the name hump-day, but there was no hump in it for me. Smooth sailing on calm waters, knock on wood. I was able to pass a long standing support call off to the hardware people to sort out, and found a strange fix for OLE communication for Word that I have to research tomorrow to find out what the fix really did.

It is official today that I have a second interview scheduled for what I feel would be a great job to have. The official title for the position is Network Engineer, basically the position covers a little tier 2 support, desktop architecture, server support and maintenance. Lots of good stuff learn and play with like SQL, Cytrix, and setup and configure a firewall. The first interview was technical so this one will be a get to know you type deal with the COO of the company. In total 8 people were interviewed with several resumes going straight to the shredder, and now 2 of us are short listed. Good odds, but I am not counting my good fortunes yet, as I have been short listed for similar jobs before and never gotten them.

Getting more into the studying routine which means I am wishing I had a laser printer again. I tend to do a lot of printing when I study and running 81 pages off my old Canon inkjet last night was a bit painful. I have another 160 or so pages to run off and I hope my ink cartridge and my patience will hold up. Print cartridge gave up the ghost with 10 pages left to print out of the 70 I had to print tonight. 



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I researched the fix I used yesterday for OLE in Word 97. Turns out that the fix is generally applicable to all office products.

NOTE: The switches /Regserver and /Unregserver are no longer valid with Outlook 2000

The fix I used was to re-register the keys in the registry for Word 97. At the time I did not know that was what I was doing I was just following tip sheet from PriceWaterhouseCoopers in regards to the Auditing software my client uses.

Re-registering the keys goes as follows for Word 97. Start > Run > Browse to c:\program files\Microsoft Office\Office\winword.exe. Press the end key to go to move the cursor to the end of the line of text, press spacebar and type /regserve, press enter key. Now the registry keys for Word 97 will be reset in the registry.

From my research this also works for many add-on programs such as Microsoft Graph 97. It is also possible that some install programs do not register a product properly and running /regserve for the product may help to get things working properly.

If you want more information on this subject do a search on TechNet for regserve.

If you want manually uninstall a program and want to be sure that the registry gets clean out, you can use the above procedure with /unregserver to clean-up the registry prior to manually uninstalling the application.


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Loooong day. Up bright and early so I could get all gussied up for my 8 am job interview. The interview went very well and I should know in a weeks time if I got the position or not. Work is very slow today. Only one new call in my queue and I am waiting for software to be shipped to me so I can take care of this call. Trying for a third ( and hopefully the last ) time to ghost a PC. The first two times failed on me, not sure what the problem was but I have gone back to an older disk image this time. Third time was not the charm, but from the error message I go this time I believe that latency in the network is the problem, so I added some extra switches to the ghost command to compensate for the latency problem.

I had a look at the new colour Palm Pilot yesterday. My limited first impression is that the colour brings out the inadequacies of the display. The added contrast makes the relatively low resolution of the LCD screen fairly noticeable. I had a Palm V beside the colour unit for comparison and the gray scale screen on the V seemed to be easier to read to me. Note though that this is under poor fluorescent lighting in a office supply store.

Fire at the Salvation Army hall across the street from the office tower I work in. Luckily there is a fire station a 100 yards away to douse the fire. Turns out to be a kitchen fire from which the bulk of the smoke went out the kitchen exhaust fan. All the smoke pouring out of the chimney and filling the street made the first impression that the building was on fire.



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Snow is threatening, and I am not feeling a 100%. Can't decide whether a bike ride will make me feel better or just aggravate what ever bug is attacking me and thus make me feel worse.

I picked up a new ink cartridge for my printer and have the last big batch of printing done. Now I need to grab my highlighter and go through the pages.



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While physically I maybe up and about, my brain needs a jump start. I have started two different emails in the past half hour and my mental processes can't keep up. I get half way into the explaining my self and my mental process shuts down. 

Well if my brain won't function I'll do something easy like watching the new Anne of Green Gables 2 part TV Movie and part 4 of the 10th Kingdom. Maybe after all this rest I will be able to get my thought processes up and running for Windows 2000 Server training in the morning.


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