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Got a call last night from a good friend, she had baby number four the other night. Her family had just nicely finished getting home from Christmas supper with the in-laws, when she though it was time to head to the city, as the baby maybe on the way. They live on a farm about 2 hours from Medicine Hat, Alberta. So the mother in law came and picked up the little ones, and mom and dad packed up the mini van and headed to the city. A few hours of labour later and a healthy boy was born on his great grandfathers birthday which made grandfather quite happy.

I went and saw the movie GALAXY QUEST, which is very funny. The writers of this movie must be Star Trek and Star Wars fans. Some of the of the things that happen and are said by characters, I would think would be lost on people who are not familiar with Star Trek and Star Wars. A good example of this is when the Commander returns from battle on the planet surface and one character comments "I see you have managed to loose your shirt". How many times did Captain Kirk end up shirtless after hand to hand combat? Many times.



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I tried to use my old 486 laptop the other day and it would not boot. I got several hardware error messages from POST and could not get into the CMOS settings. I recalled having a problem accessing the CMOS before and had saved the information I found on HPs web site. The information was not easy to find on the web, which is why I saved it. But where did I save it, and in what format. After about 15 minutes I managed to locate my copy of the info I needed, and was able to access the CMOS. I had to fight with the power management to get the laptop working properly by my definition, which is to have no power management enabled while operating a laptop under AC power. I left the machine running all night to recharge the CMOS battery and now everything seems to be working fine.

Working on backing up data and other files from my server which I do not want to lose. I have been using a CD-RW disk to do regular back-ups, but want to make a second backup which I know I can rely on. I have made may writes to the CD-RW disk and am starting to get concerned that there must be a limit to the number of times the disk will allow me to write over data. I have over 3 Gig of data on my server but most of that is downloads which are replaceable. I should only require one CD-R disk to hold the info I really value.

I went hunting for information on how long CD-R and CD-RW disks will last. The information I found at the CD-Recordable FAQ concludes that there are no conclusive facts on this subject. Estimates range from 5 to 100 years. It seems that if you store critical data on CD, that you should be sure to store the disk out of contact from direct sunlight, and where it will not be subject to extreme heat. 



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While out at Office Depot to pick up printer paper I found a nice case for my external Zip Drive in the bargain bin. The case came with a bonus case for carrying Zip disks. I don't have many Zip disks, but do have a collection of boot disks which I am not happy with the way they fit in the case they are currently in. My boot disk collection fit in the Zip disk case very nicely with space available for the Windows 2000 disks I need to add to my collection.

I downloaded Netscape 4.7 and Eudora 4.3 beta. I have not used either product very much and am not likely to, but neither has given me any trouble. I looked at Eudora because before I started using Outlook I used Eudora and wanted to see how the product has evolved. No real changes that I could see, it is still a good email client and is now easier to configure. Netscape 4.7 appears to be faster than it's predecessors and displays all the web pages I use without difficulty. 



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A co worker mentioned Ntfaq to me today. This site provides a wide range of information on Windows NT and Windows 2000. You can view the information on line, download a single html file version, compiled html version, or a help file version. 

Last week we had a very bright moon. Now tonight there is no moon and the stars are very bright. I was able to pick out the big and little dipper in the night sky while I was out getting some much needed exercise.

I needed to email a 7 MB file today but none of my mail accounts will let me send such a large file. If I had more web space I would have posted the file to my web site and let my friend download the file off my web site. Even if I could mail the file, I am not sure if his employer will let him receive any files over 3 MB in size.



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New Years Eve and the start of 4 days of being on call if there are any Y2K problems at work.

I went to the local CompuSmart mostly to see what they have in stock and partially to find some updated CD burning software. Well the stores variety of goods is shrinking and I don't think that having just gone through Christmas and Boxing Day is the cause. They had stock on the items that sell during the silly season, but there was little or no stock or choice for anti virus software or utilities for diagnosing computer problems or much software beyond games. But if you want games, PCs, printers, scanners etc. they had it. To serve the typical home user what they have for stock is adequate, but for those who want to expand beyond the boundaries of gaming and email there is little for them. They once stocked some quality networking equipment but now only carry mostly what I would call marginal quality stuff. It was nice to have a quality computer store just down the street but it looks like I will have to start traveling across town or shop on-line to find good a selection of software etc. in the future.

Y2K update:  as of 6:30 am mountain time it is already the year 2000 in New Zealand and there are no reported Y2K problems yet. Also the Air India hostage incident is over. The hostages have been bused away from the aircraft they had been on since Christmas Eve.



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Happy New Year

I went to an establishment called Ranchman's for New Year's Eve entertainment. The list of entertainment was Ian Tyson, Duane Steele, Jake Mathews. If you were watching the CBC New Year's broadcast you may have seen some live footage from Ranchman's of Ian Tyson. Jake Mathews started the night of on a temporary stage where he played his acoustic guitar with no accompaniment. Not all musicians can pull off this type of show, but Duane did. Then Jake Mathews and his band played on the main stage, and played most of his songs which get air play, and had the dance floor hopping. Ian Tyson followed up and was accompanied by two guitar players. Ian is 65 and many of the things he talks about are lost on anyone younger than 45 including myself. He has a true love of the country life style and it shows in his music and manner. Jake Mathews came on again and brought in the New Year.



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Winter has landed, snow, cold weather, a nice bite to the air. I like it, as I enjoy the change of the seasons. Now if I can just get healthy enough to spend a day skiing all will be well. I just can't get a handle on my stomach problems. Foods that don't bother me one day, raise cane with me the next. 

I hope that the advertising firms let go of the terms millennium and Y2K real soon now. These terms are the current flash words used to get peoples attention in ads of all types. The over use and abuse of Y2K and millennium are grating on my nerves and I am sure I am not alone in this.


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