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Ah! the joys of living in Calgary. The weather was seasonal as I waited downtown for my bus. Then on the ride home as my bus got closer and closer to my stop the weather turned. Over the course of the last few kilometers what looked like snow was falling. Then I stepped off the bus to find that slush was falling from the heavens. White wet sloppy slush stuck to my jacket and pants making me instantly wet. The worst though was the layer of slush forming on my bald head giving me an ice-cream headache from the outside in.


"In 1997, computer data made up 55 percent of all telephone

traffic, and voice calls 45 percent... By 2002, data will make up

99 percent of all traffic."

Southwestern Bell

Nov. 14 Austin American-Statesman



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I have come across several Y2K survival kit contents lists in the past few months, they all contain things like canned goods, bottled water, extra cash but many miss a very vital piece of equipment - toilet paper. I have been on camping trips where on day hikes away from the base camp, someone has forgotten to pack toilet paper. Oh! use leaves you say, but it is early spring and there are no leaves to use! Those who forgot to bring t-paper never forgot to put some in their pack again. They also walked kind of funny for awhile.



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I spent most of the afternoon at work reading through the manual from the Windows 2000 training that I had last week. Since I don't have much else going on computer wise, I thought I would summarize some of the things I have been learning about Windows 2000.

Upgrading from Windows 95 to Windows 2000 is not necessarily a straight forward proposition. For starters Windows 95 and 2000 have different Registry designs ( Windows NT and 2000 also have different registry designs ). Now if the applications you have installed in Windows 95 behave the same in both Windows 95 and 2000 you will have no trouble. The Windows 2000 Setup program will have no trouble copying registry settings and moving 32 bit files over to Windows 2000. For those applications which have different registry settings for Windows 95 and 2000, Setup cannot migrate the files, but needs the assistance of a migration dll. The migration dll is supplied by the software vendor and is called by Setup during the first phase of the upgrade during which the registry information is gathered and migration dll files are processed. The migration dll performs the custom migration of components which would not otherwise be migrated during an upgrade, and without which the application they relate to would not function.

The upgrade process in simple terms happens in three steps. The first step is the exportation of user, system, and program settings. The second step is the creation of the Winnt directory and the copying of files into the Winnt directory. The third and final step is importation of the information from step one and the GUI portion of the install procedure.



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I went for a long walk on during lunch and picked up a 64 MB PC100 DIMM. I need the RAM for one of my servers from which I stole RAM for one of my other projects. I installed the new RAM and the server does not recognize the new RAM properly which does not surprise me. I have seen this before with PC100 RAM and older Pentium Socket 7 motherboards. So I started swapping RAM between computers till I had everything running again. I had wanted to get the server up to 96 MB of RAM, but had to settle with 64 which will get the job done. Now my Windows 2000 PC has 128 MB of RAM, which is probably a good thing since I like to run Linux in VMware virtual machines on this PC and the extra memory is useful.

It was warm and sunny today, but this did not help to melt the ice on the sidewalks in my neighborhood today. If anything things are getting worse and the ice is melting slowly and getting very smooth which make it even harder to walk on. 

When I got home and changed out of my work clothes I found that I had split the seat of my pants. No one at work said anything to me. Makes me wonder if they were all just laughing at me behind my back or no body noticed. Doesn't really matter now as I have dropped the pants off at the tailors and will have them back good as new tomorrow.

I think I have settle on how I am going to handle managing the change to the year 2000 for this site. I have created a new journal directory called 2000 in which I will save all my weekly pages for 2000. I am considering moving all my current pages into a 1999 directory but am unsure if I want to deal with the possibility of a bunch of broken links being created by the move.

Later: I decided to just go ahead and reorganize the storage of files for this site, and so far all appears to have gone well. FrontPage 2000 has updated all the index links on the fly for me. The only painful part was convincing FrontPage that the index pages had indeed been updated, and that the pages should be copied up to the server. A bit of work with a big stick got things straightened out on the server side of things. If any of you reader out there have bookmarks to specific pages for reference, your bookmark will not work anymore. I am sorry about this but I needed to get things organized here before they got out of hand.



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It's Christmas Eve and the start of a 5 day weekend for me. I have lots I can do to occupy my time, start developing my basement, study NetWare 5 as I would like to write the exam to upgrade my certification to CNE 5 in late February, read my study materials for Windows 2000 which we start using at work sometime in early January, work on my Linux server, and there is always domestic stuff to do around the house ( I am a bachelor so house keeping is always on the bottom of my to do list ). 

Looking for a way to keep busy over the holidays. Take a look at How to keep an idiot busy for hours which if you follow the links will keep you busy for a very long time. And no I did not follow all the links, but did edit the URL to find that there are indeed a lot of links and pages created by the webmaster to occupy/waste your time.



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Merry Christmas



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A quick glance at the calendar and I notice that today is the end of the last full week on 1999. When the world entered 1900 it was a vastly different place. My grandfather was a young man using a horse for transportation. Much of what we have today were just fancy notions in Jules Verne novels. My grandfather lived to see man go from horse and buggy to landing men on the moon. Mankind will not likely see another such visible change again. I think that no matter how fast the development of technology gets, would it provide as great a social and economical change to our world as mankind has experienced since 1900.

I did a search on for Jules Verne and found that much of his material is still in print and in many languages.


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