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I received the following from Brian Bilbrey in regards to my problems with getting a NIC setup in a virtual machine running Windows Millennium.

VMware shows a virtual NIC to the Guest OS...

is the url where you will find that the type of NIC that Millenium

should see is an AMD PCNET Family Ethernet Adapter - you might try

installing against that.



Well the correct NIC is installed but still no joy. I did though manage to get the VMware tools installed so now I have descent video resolution to work with. A quick test shows that the NIC is working and TCP/IP is bound to it as I can ping and my DHCP server.

FrontPage is pissing me off big time. It will not upload my updated redirector page. I broke down and used LeechFTP to copy my redirector page to the server and even that proved difficult. I ended up having to delete the page from the server then uploading it again.



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Wow what a morning commute. It was still snowing as I walked to the bus stop this morning and the temperature was only a degree or two below freezing. This made for instant ice on the roads. My usual 30 - 40 minute bus ride turned into a 105 minutes. Vehicles were sliding allover the road, and that was just on the flats. Some hills had to be closed by the police, as they were not safe to drive on.

Looks like Telus is going to send me to school for two days in January for Windows 2000 training in preparation for the Windows 2000 rollout which starts in January sometime.



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Well it looks like my Tuesday post did not get updated on the server. Considering the problems I had the other day getting my redirector page to up date I should have checked to verify that FrontPage did post things properly to the server yesterday.

Had a problem with a PC at work today. With the video set above 800 X 600 there are random yellow lines on the display and some text characters which should be black show as blue. I changed video drivers, had the mother board changed as the video is built into the main board, changed monitors and put a fresh Ghost image on the PC. None of this fixed the problem. Other people have the same combination of hardware and NT build and do not have problems. Will have to do more digging tomorrow to try and fix the problem.

Steve Tucker had commented that he thought he had done something wrong as the Administrative Tools did not show-up under programs in Windows 2000. In Windows 2000 by default the Administrative Tools can only be found in Control Panel. The can be made to show-up under programs by doing the following.:


Start > Settings > Taskbar & Start Menu ... > Advanced - under Start Menu Settings select Display Administrative Tools




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Tom Syroid wrote about not being able to do things he has no passion for and having a never say die attitude. Reading this plus some comments I read else where resonated with what I have been thinking lately. My current job has few challenges and is very slow paced. The only good thing I can say about it at this time is that it pays the bills, and I am working in the IT industry which is where I want to be. Things may get a bit interest next month ( I sure hope so ) as Telus migrates to Windows 2000. Telus is a part of Microsoft's early adopter program for Windows 2000. Other wise if things stay at the status quo, finishing this contract is going to give me brain rot. The worst of it is when I get home to my computer lab, after a day of mostly boring work I have trouble motivating myself do my studies or play with new things like Linux in my lab. If work was at least busy enough to keep me active all day it would not be so bad as the day would pass by faster and I would have less time to think about how bored I am.

I remember when I used to work in a warehouse and the work was very repetitious, but I was being challenged to pick orders faster and more accurately than the other guy which made the work somewhat interesting.

Well as my friend the Simian Man told me, at least since the job is a contract there is an end to it. Not so with a permanent job where if you are not happy with the job you can only quit or live with it. I only have to live with my job for a few months and it will end. I could quit, but I have nothing to move on to at the moment, and job hunting in December is rarely successful. At least in the new year the job market should open up some more as companies start to move on from their Y2K lock downs and I can look in earnest to find a more satisfying job to move onto after my contract ends in March. I will also have the knowledge I have gained from my current contract and the past two before this to help me determine if I will find other work environments more to my liking.



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I found out today that I will be on call from Dec 31 to Jan 3rd which means any ideas I had about going out of town during this time is all shot to hell. I have to be able to be in the office within 1 hour of being paged. Y2K is putting a damper on New Years festivities for us IT support people. Maybe we should all celebrate Ukrainian New years instead. New years will have to be a sober affair which is not much of a problem as I am much of a drinker any more.

I decided to get to know OpenLinux a bit tonight and am making very slow progress. I am not getting along with the KDE GUI very well which is mostly due to the poor resolution I am running as I have yet to install the VMware tools which will allow me to get the resolution set properly. But to that I have to teach myself how to mount the floppy drive, so I can read the floppy disk which has the VMware tools on it.

I decided that as a newbe to Linux I would try and use the web as my resource to learn how to do things in Linux. Dave Farquhar had mentioned Linux Gazette web site today which he rates as a site Linux users with an intermediate to advanced user level. I have to agree with this rating as I found no simple "How To" instructions for me to follow. I did after much searching find some information which may help me in my quest learn how to mount a floppy in Linux.

I could go out an buy Linux for Dummies or some such book, but isn't the Web suppose to hold all kinds of great information. Doesn't Linux owe a good part of it's popularity due to the ease of which it has allowed Linux distributions to accessed by anyone and everyone. Well I am going to see how far I can run with this. Let the adventure begin.

Continuing in my Linux for the newbe journey, I decided that since I am using the Caldera OpenLinux distribution that the Caldera web site would be a logical place to look for information. I found good documentation for those who are just getting started on this site. The documentation is available in HTML and PDF format, and in multiple languages. The documentation covers every thing from how to use KDE, to things such as not logging on as root and why you should not, to what the tar command is.



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My Windows 2000 training has been rescheduled to Dec 16 and 17. The training is being held on site since there are at least a hundred employees taking the 2 day course over the next few weeks.

Today I had to upgrade some of the applications on a company PC that a user uses to work from home. I upgraded Outlook 97 to Outlook 98 and was unable to get Outlook to connect to the Exchange server. I could ping the server so communications were not a problem. I verified that all the networking setting were correct and still Outlook and Exchange would not talk to each other. It turned out that ntlanman.dll was missing on this PC which Outlook 98 needs to work with an Exchange server.

After perusing the online documentation for OpenLinux I found that that OpenLinux auto-mounts the floppy drive. Then in file manager in KDE I typed file:/auto/floppy/ and was able to view the contents of a floppy disk. The floppy contains the tar file for VMware tools for Linux. I tried to copy the tar file to my home directory but was unable to. I then double clicked on the tar file and the file was expanded and a new directory was created containing 11 files. I then was able to copy these files to my home directory.

The Vmware instructions say to run to install the VMware tools. I kept getting error messages when running and nothing I did seemed to help. Then after doing a ls -l to see details on the files, I realized that even though I was logged on as root I did not have rights to run So I right clicked on the file in file manager and changed the rights for user to execute. Then I was able to run the file, after which I had to reboot to get the changes to take effect. This resulted in my video display being a mess. I managed to still logon, press Alt + F2 and type lizardx so I could reconfigure the video. This resulted in a video driver crash which caused VMware to terminate my virtual machine in which I had OpenLinux running.

I powered on the OpenLinux virtual machine and now as long as I didn't try and use the Full Screen setting, I get much better video except the desktop is so large that I have to scroll to see some parts of the screen. I then went to the etc directory and edited XF86config and under Screen remarked out the current setting and enabled 800 X 600 resolution. I then logged out and restarted x server and now have a nice desktop to use. 



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I thought I would take a crack at installing RedHat Linux today but the CD I had made sometime ago is not playing nice. It will not autoboot, many of the help files cannot be opened and be read, and the utility to make an install boot disk will not run. The RedHat site has the boot utilities, so I could just download them and try to boot to floppy and then install from my current CD, but I am quite sure the CD I had is hooped. 

Downloading a fresh copy of RedHat and StarOffice for Linux, paying bills, and house keeping ate up the rest of the day.


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