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Doubled the length of my usual walking route since it was such a nice day. This gave me the opportunity to see how some of the new home construction and roads are developing in my neighborhood.

I downloaded 1stPage 2000 so I can have a look at an alternate to using FrontPage 2000 for HTML editing. I have not had any real trouble (knock on wood) with FrontPage but would like to see what an alternate product has to offer, and I can't complain about the price either, 1stPage it is free. The one feature I would like to look at is scripting, but until I get the product installed and play with it a while I won't know what type of scripting 1stPage supports.

"Y2K The Movie" has been made and is coming to a television set near you in a few weeks. As is predictable, it is a doom and gloom type movie where all hell breaks loose due to the millennium and a valiant hero saves the day. Personally it makes me want to be sick, as this movie it is likely to feed the fears of those people who believe that some type of catastrophe is going to happen when we enter the year 2000. 



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I am in the grips of the first bad cold I can recall having in years. My nose is running a five minute mile, and my head hurts, thus I am not doing much today other than trying to kick this cold.



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I survived the day and have beaten back the cold that dragged me down the past two days. 

It never fails, I just start a new job and the phone starts to ring as people call to see if I am available. One job is a junior server support position that I had almost given up on, but now they want me to come in and interview with two supervisors. The other position I am waiting for details on.

Tomorrow (yes it is Remembrance Day, but some offices are still open) I have a meeting with the agency rep who has arranged for my job interview on Monday for the junior server support position. He is going to give me some info on the people who are going to be interviewing me, so that the interview will go better. 



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Today is Remembrance Day in Canada, a day to remember those who fought for us in the many wars of this century. There was a survey the other day which asked several questions about points in world history. One of the questions was what was D-Day, approx 50% responded that it was the attack on Pearl Harbor. My recollection of history I was taught in school did not cover any material on the wars of this century. The bulk of my limited knowledge of wars during this century comes from what I have picked up on my own through, books, talking to people I have met who were in the military, and documentaries on TV.

I went to see the agency rep that has setup the interview for the junior server support position today, he gave me the names of the people who will interview me on Monday and a bit of insight as to what they are looking for, and the type person they are looking for. One supervisor is very quick to size up people so I have to be sure to make a good first impression. The other supervisor is from the technical side of the business and will possibly ask few tech questions. The technical questions are likely to be looking to see not only how much I know but how answer the question. The company is in the service and support industry so they are looking for a person who is good at dealing with the customer, as much as they are looking for a technically competent person.

The primary support area I am likely to be put in if I get the job is for Novell server support, so today I am starting to bone up on my Novell knowledge.

Today has been a very interesting day to go through the postings of the various daynoters at, as the differences in ages, geographic location etc. brings out interesting things about Remembrance Day/Armistice day/Veteran's Day.

If you are looking for short summary information on the various levels for raid check out Look under Raid Technology for diagrams, characteristics, advantages, disadvantages, and recommended uses of the various levels of raid technology.

There was a report by that a Linux version for the Palm has been developed. I was unable to get any information regarding this as all the links I tried failed.



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As a part of my Netware refresher I setup a Novell 4.11 server, and the install went smoothly. In the past few weeks I have done an install of Netware 4.11 and Netware 5. In some ways I like the simple text based install of the pre NetWare 5 versions of NetWare. The GUI in Netware 5 for me on my test equipment just slows me down. Sure the Netware 5 installer lets you browse you current NDS tree to find where you wan to create the new server object, but if you know your network like you should or at least have it properly documented, this is not necessary.

I found the find command in FrontPage useful today. I new I had mentions the Novell utility inetcfg before but could not remember the utilities name today when I needed to use it. So I used find to search all my web pages for the word Novell. By scanning the page where the find command found the word Novell I was able to quickly find the information I wanted. I wouldn't though want to rely on this method of finding things as it is not going to be applicable to every instance in which you want to do a search.

I have been thinking of setting up some type of a router or gateway for my home LAN which would connect it to my cable modem. As a first step I dug up some links to web pages which cover this type of a project using Linux. The sources of information I have found so far are:

These links I believe have shown up on either Dave Farquhar and/or Brian Bilbreys pages before.



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Oh how lovely it is to awaken to the sound of a chainsaw. Just because my neighbor is awake I guess he feels everyone should be, so he is out in his yard playing with his chainsaw. Who needs 8 hours sleep anyway.

That's OK anyway as the recent bout of mail bouncing among the daynoters has me rolling on the floor in side splitting laughter. 

Finally having luck installing Support Pack 6a for Netware 4.11. A few weeks ago I tried to install it with no luck. Now with the support pack installed I can tackle getting ZENworks installed. ZENworks gets installed from a workstation, not directly at the server. When I first tried the install I ran into an error and the install halted due to the version of client I had installed on the PC. After updating the version of Novell client on the PC the ZENworks install ran. Just as I had when installing ZENworks on Netware 5, I ran into problems with installing the inventory database, but am able to install it, but got a message that it will not be active. From the content of some of the messages I believe part of the problem is drive space and the other maybe that ZENworks should not be installed on the SYS volume.

Brian Bilbrey mentioned that QCad makes a free Windows version of their product. There are times when a vector based drawing package is useful so I took a brief look at QCad for Windows. The program is small, only 3.67 MB for the Windows version. There is no install required, simply download the zip file, extract the file, and run the exe file to use QCad. It only took me about 20 minutes to start getting the hang of how the program functions, and draw and dimension a few objects. I think anyone looking for a program with which they can draw to scale, dimensioned drawings for home renovations or what ever, could learn to use QCad in short order, and produce good quality drawings.



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No chainsaws this morning, just bright sunshine as the brief spell of winter we had during the past 36 hours is chased away.

Spent some time reading up on ZENworks, and am now even more impressed with computer management software than ever before. You can centrally manage and enforce policies, such as disable access to Regedit, or remove My Computer and Network Neighborhood from the desktop. You can push out new software to computers, repair damaged software installations, customize where the icons for an application will appear (on the desktop or under programs for example). You can schedule time periods during which an application can be used, schedule a utility such as chkdisk to run. The list goes on and on of things that you can do to remotely manage PCs with ZENworks. But there is I think an unseen cost to this type of tool. Your environment needs to be fairly well standardized in both hardware, software and operating systems. Your network infrastructure needs to be able to handle the throughput of large volumes of files when new software is rolled out. Network administrators will require extra equipment to use for packaging up software for remote installations.


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