July 31 & August 1, 2004

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My first horse show as a competitor. I entered beginner adult classes and a costume class. It was a very successful outing with me winning the Championship for the Mr. Slate Cavaletti Trot Pole classes and the Mr. Slate Cavaletti B Division Grand Champion.

Division 2400) Mr. Slate Cavaletti B!

Open to beginner adult riders who are not jumping higher than 23 at this show. Riders may trot or canter the course.
24) Mr. Slate Cavaletti Trot Pole
25) Mr. Slate Cavaletti Trot Pole
26) Mr. Slate Cavaletti Trot Pole
27) Mr. Slate 18 Cavaletti
28) Mr. Slate 18 Cavaletti
29) Mr. Slate 18 Cavaletti

My (and Emma's) coach Lisa and I going reviewing a course

I'm out a trot pole course. For both the trot poll and 18" cavaletti the same jumps were used to make up 3 courses. This was done by changing the order that jumps were taken.

Posing on Fogerty. Fogerty is a Dutch Warmblood school horse at Highland Ridge Stable who I take lessons on once a week.

Class 22) Great Gazoo Lead Line B!

Open to riders 8 years old and younger. To be shown at the walk only.
Class 23) Great Gazoo Lead Line Trot Poles
Open to riders 8 years old and younger. Trotting is optional.
Riders in this division may not cross-enter to other classes in this show.

Little Jordan riding Fire lead by Heather and mother Lisa helping her stay in the saddle.

Class 15) Dash Riprock Costume Hack Pairs.To be shown at a walk and trot.

Two of the younger Highland Ridge Stable riders ready for the costume class.

Anne and I in the costume class. We placed fourth. The class was judged on a combination of costume and riding.